Coming Soon To PD Headquarters: A 1/4 Steer!

We are getting a freezer tomorrow! And you know what that means? That means we’ll be ordering our cow soon! Well, our 1/4 cow. I’ve been in touch with Fox Hill Farm and they’ve been very nice about answering all of this newbie’s questions. They offer something called a “home harvest”. This is where they do the kill on the farm. It’s less stress and fear for the animal, and I think it’s awesome. It still gets processed at the plant, but it’s better for the animal. You know, if you have to be killed, that’s the way to go. It’s not even an extra charge for this. They will also ship to us, which is good because they are far away.

So exactly how much meat does a 1/4 steer yield? 90-100 pounds of yummy grass-fed beef. We even get to choose what cuts we want! I have a little order sheet and I have to figure out A) what all the cuts are (chuck, shoulder, shank, sirloin, etc…) and B)what sort of variety I should order for us. I don’t want too much ground beef, but we need a lot because we eat a lot of it. I’d like to have a nice mix.

I am so excited about the transitions we’ve been making towards a more primal lifestyle. Most of the processed stuff is out. We’ve got produce coming out of our ears! Seriously, I have to go to the grocery store at least twice a week to restock just the fruit! The boys’ Laptop Lunch bento kits should be arriving tomorrow (yay!!) and I’m looking forward to planning some yummy lunches for these boys! I’m going to recruit them to help me pick stuff out and maybe even let J do some prep with me.

I’m loving my dehydrator! I made a fresh batch of banana chips today. These came out better than last time, more crispy. The jerky is a little trickier, I over-dried the last batch and it was apparently too tough for my boys. I didn’t notice anything, but both Mr. Dawn and J both said something.

Boxing has been tough lately. I had that horrible cough. So I will make another attempt on Sunday. Hopefully I can make it through the whole class this time. Wish me luck! I’m looking forward to getting back in the game. I joined a challenge over on It’s a 3 month challenge and it looks fun! We’ll see how I fare. I’m not usually a fan of those “hey it’s almost summer time to whip your ass into shape!” like you see on magazine covers. But this time is different. I’m up for a challenge. But the question is: Is the challenge up for me???? 😀

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon To PD Headquarters: A 1/4 Steer!

  1. I’ve obviously read every post, and especially the day you announced Primal. I love love love seeing the transition. I think you rock, and set a great example for a whole family. What a really cool challenge, and you’ve just kept on going.

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