Grocery Shopping 101: Stick To The List…

….Or at least make an attempt to at least look like you’re sticking to it!

I needed to replenish the fruit and some dairy in this house. And by dairy I mean cheese. I’m the cheese freakin’ queen these days! So I head to the store, and here’s the list I entered the store with:

-yogurt (plain, whole milk, hopefully Greek)


-Cheese (the list said goat and blue)



The entire trip was spent on the outer fringes of the store, I’m happy to say. I only ventured in an aisle or two for the whole wheat bread. I’m giving the kids bread….for now. I’ll fight that battle later. So I headed to the produce section and then swung by the meat at the back of the store, nothing jumped out at me. Then I headed to the other side for the dairy. So what, you may ask, did I come home with?

-coconut water

-whole wheat bread

-Plain whole milk organic yogurt

-goat cheese

-blue cheese (8 oz. for 5 bucks!!!)

-cream cheese

-cottage cheese (Mr. Dawn takes this to work instead of the sugary fruit yogurt he used to take)

-a pineapple

-2 english/seedless cucumbers

-6 baking potatoes

-bag of clementines

-4 yellow summer squash

-5 lemons

-a head of cauliflower


-3 organic cameo apples

-a small spaghetti squash

-3 golden delicious apples

I didn’t get carrots because we have an oldish bag in the fridge. J wants carrot sticks for his lunches. I saw the bagged baby carrots and considered them for a hot second. Then I saw they kinda looked all wet and stuff, so I figured I’ll just cut up the carrots we have now. Technically, that’s less processed, since “baby” carrots are not really “baby” at all, they are processed to look all rounded and cute and pleasing to the eye. No thanks. I’ll put the time in. Regular carrots last longer anyway.

I think we can conclude from this experiment that I can’t be trusted alone in a grocery store! The sight of all the delicious produce and meats goes to my head and I can’t help myself. I wonder if there’s a Grocery Shopper Anonymous.

I am getting so psyched to start packing my boys’ lunches. I ordered 2 Bento Packs from Laptop Lunches today. I was still trying to find the stainless ones I saw on a random blog somewhere, but no luck. I got the pack without the water bottle or ice pack. Just the food containers (with lids), the case, an insulated sleeve, and stainless silverware. I cannot wait to get my lunch on!!!

In fitness news, I headed out to boxing this morning for the 9:30 AM class with my favorite instructor, Eddie. I took him aside and explained that I’d been very sick and was just starting out again, so I may not go all out today. He was totally understanding. Well, about 20 minutes into the class, I started coughing a LOT. Like people were looking over at me. Someone asked if I was okay. Then Eddie came over and asked me not to die in his class. I took that as my cue to make a graceful exit. Mr. Dawn and I have had this really heavy cough the past few days. No nasal stuff, no fevers, just a nagging cough. Once I started huffing and puffing, my lungs got all irritated I guess. I was a mess.

So I head out to my car, and what do I do? I get into a fender bender. Totally minor, we both had just a little damage. We didn’t even exchange info. I can’t help but think I would have been better off not even leaving the house this morning! And how weird is it that the one time I leave a class early, I have an accident? Guess I should have stayed and stuck it out. I have prided myself on keeping my 2004 Scion xB in really good condition. If you looked at my interior you wouldn’t even know I have 2 kids. Seriously, my car still looked almost new. Until today, that is.

I’m reminded of the phrase, “Sometimes you’re the windshield. Sometimes you’re the bug!” or in my case, “Sometimes you’re the pristine rear bumper. Sometimes you’re the crushed-in, cracked rear bumper with a broken tail-light.”



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