Do You Like _____?

J had a friend over today. This friend is very sweet and nice. This friend is also very overweight. When it came time to get a snack, I felt kinda bad. Why? Well, we have a pretty minimalist kitchen. No chips. No cookies. No jello. No pudding. No Goldfish. Basically, we had nothing this kid wanted. I kept saying, “Do you like ___?” and he kept saying no. J was happily munching his fresh mango chunks, while this child sat there looking a little dejected until we settled on a string cheese. I feel a little bad, but not much. I would hate for a child to leave my house hungry, but he’s in control of what he puts in his body, and if he doesn’t want to eat, oh well. J is under the orders from me that he is not to “play restaurant” at someone’s home. He is to pick from what he’s offered with minimal fuss. This usually is not a problem because he gets to eat lots of stuff we don’t have at home:)

My eats for the day:

-yellow squash sauteed in butter with some brie and blue cheese tossed in all melty-like

-2 chicken thighs, bone-in, skin on (I LOVE crispy skin!!! No one else in the house likes it so I take all theirs.) baked with gluten free soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic, and a little sesame oil.

-pineapple…I hate to admit, but I ate an entire pineapple in 2 days! I love fresh pineapple.

-tea and water

I just made my second batch of jerky. The verdict? Two of my boys think it’s dryer and harder. I disagree. Go figure. I thought it came out fine. I’ll have to tweak it a little next time. I may have dried it too long. I made banana chips too. The smell from that was outrageous! Everyone loves them. They are crispy and sweet with nothing added. The only bad thing about them is that they stick to the teeth a lot. You need a toothpick or to brush after eating. I don’t care though.

J is requesting to take lunch a few times a week. I tried not to squee or get too excited. I casually let him know that that was a great idea and that we could look at the week’s school lunch menu and choose a few days to take lunch. I’m going to brainstorm with him on things he might like. He tried to talk me into white bread. We’ve never even eaten white bread in this house (other than buns sometimes). He’s always had whole wheat. He said a kid (actually the chubby boy who came over today) at school gave him a bite and that “it smells soooo good!!!” I told him flat out no. I explained that it’s not good for us and that it’s okay sometimes if he’s out or something to have some white bread, but we’re not using it for lunches. He pouted a bit, but he got over it. He’ll thank me later. Wait til I tell him he’s not having any bread. I’ll break that to him another day.

In completely unrelated news, Mr. Dawn and I had our first real date in 2 years last night. I know, right?!?! Two years is way too long. We got Miss S (Jackson’s big sister, my ex-step-daughter) to babysit. We had sushi. And you know what? I had rice!! WHITE RICE!!! O.M.G. But you know what happened when I ate the rice? Nothing. The skies didn’t part and I didn’t get struck by lightning or anything. My system did fine with it. I’m assuming my intestines are healing nicely. I simply chose to eat something I wouldn’t normally eat. That’s fine with me. And if you have a problem with that, then I am blowing a big ol’ raspberry in your direction. So, back to the date. I even got gussied up with makeup and a dress and I had a flower in my hair. Mr. Dawn wore a button up shirt (he’s a jeans and tee shirt guy all the way). It was nice going out in public and acting like we like each other.

Do you have any planned “cheats”? How do deal with them? Do you feel guilty after, or overdo it, or neither? I can honestly say I had no qualms with eating a little rice. And it was delicious!





2 thoughts on “Do You Like _____?

  1. I totally love pineapple, and it makes me want to go get some canned pineapple, throw it in the fridge, and eat all of it tomorrow! How fun for your date. Sushi sounds amazing, and you are a super mama. I’m totally impressed, and I hope I can be so strong explaining why what everyone else eats, is just not so great for the children! Hope you are having a great night.

    1. Ag, you GOTTA do the fresh pineapple! It’s so much better!!! Although I do love canned as well, nothing beats fresh. Back in my single days, I always had a few cans of pineapple in the back of my fridge.

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