“Fall Seven Times. Stand Up Eight.”–Japanese Proverb

I fell. I’m getting up.

This is why:

(Look at all those yummy veggies, and T-Lo gettin’ his carrot on!!!)

I also need to mention Mr. Dawn and how awesome he is. I’m so very lucky to have someone who loves me so much in my life. When I wanted to give up on myself, he refused. When I say I don’t deserve what I have, he tells me how great I am and how much my family depends on me. If they can love me and be so kind to me, then I should certainly be able to do that for myself. I’m working on it. And for today, that just means being gentle on me. Quieting that nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me ugly things. I will appreciate the simple things. A roof over my head, two wonderful boys that I adore, a good guy. That’s all this Primal Dawn needs. Well, that and maybe a good steak drenched in blue cheese butter…..

So my message for today is put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Nobody can be as good to you as you yourself can.


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