Zucchini FAIL

I had a brilliant idea with poor execution. Too bad, too, because I wasted 4 lovely zucchinis in the process! Bahhh. I thought I’d make some sort of zucchini latke, fried cake type thing. My mistake? Coconut flour. I thought I’d try it since I hadn’t been real pleased with the current batch of almond flour. I was concerned with the coarseness that it might not hold together right. It took 4 eggs to get the right texture. I should have known right then. They came out with this funky, almost pancake-like texture. And the flavor was boring. I could even see tweaking this recipe and making a breakfast out of it. Sadly, they ended up in the trash. The turkey meatloaf was good, though! It was a learning experience, to say the least.

I have a love affair with my dehydrator. I got the Good4U brand, just slightly cheaper than the beloved Excalibur and I liked the timer features and it came with a few extra nonstick sheets and screens for small items like seeds. I keep it downstairs because I really can’t squeeze another gadget in my kitchen upstairs (we have an extra kitchen downstairs that is my area for sewing/creativity/drying things!).  So far it’s been great! It’s quiet, and as you walk down the stairs, you get this wonderful smell (jerky or bananas, or whatever!). That’s another reason I’m glad it’s downstairs. It smells lovely, but I don’t want the whole house smelling like jerky for the 2 days it takes to make it. I’m planning on trying some fruit leathers soon. You have to do a puree, then spread it on the nonstick sheets. I’ll keep you posted!

We somehow became super busy here at PD Headquarters. Suddenly, I realized that we have nightly engagements Monday through Thursday. The boys have swim twice a week, and I have precalculus twice a week. This leaves very little time for cooking dinner! So, I’m working on devising a plan of making a few extra dinner items over the weekend, then we can just heat and eat during the week! Brilliant! I mean, I was doing crock pot or leftover dinners for the 2 nights I was in class, but now with swim, we can’t really get by on 4 days of leftovers and slow cooker dinners! I’m going to do simple things like chicken boobs and simple sauces like marinara, pesto, tzatziki, taco meat for taco salads (we always have some sort of lettuce/spinach in the fridge), maybe bake up some parmigiana, either eggplant or chicken. As the plan comes together I’ll give more of the gory details.

Lunches for the boys continue to be a source of guilt for me. I’m eyeballing some bento boxes. I saw a few that I “sorta” like, but somewhere recently I saw a stainless steel square bento lunchbox, and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere!! So help a grrl out. If you see anything like that, please drop me a comment or email me! I’m getting so excited by the options. The only sad thing is that T-Lo is in a strictly nut-free class due to an allergy, and that drops a few things out of the picture. I’m thinking cheeses, leftover meats, eggs, fruit, whole milk yogurt (homemade!), puddings or custards, dried stuff….I’m getting so jazzed about it!! Can you tell?

I am feeling so positive about feeding my family good stuff. We are in the process of getting out the gak. This morning I noticed there is only one more bowl of Apple Jacks left. There’s only one more package of Top Ramen left. Slowly, it’s all going bye-bye and good riddance!!! Never to return! It’s funny, I’ve noticed the 2 refrigerators getting totally overstuffed as the cabinets get barer and barer. Love it!!! That means less processed stuff and more totally nourishing, fresh, PERISHABLE food!!


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