If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say

I’ve been really down lately, and rather than bring it here and give it more attention, I’ve been quietly licking my wounds in private. I do not want to give this negativity energy, and just being at home, taking it easy, talking to Mr. Dawn and my therapist all helps.

So….back to the purpose of this blog, which is to share and spread the awesomeness of the primal lifestyle with everyone who’ll listen!!!

Made chocolate chip cookies last night from a gluten-free cookbook that shall remain nameless. Nameless cuz they kinda sucked. But I think it was the almond flour’s fault. I cheaped out and got a great deal on Amazon from some company I’ve never heard of, forsaking my beloved NutsOnline.com. Big mistake. The 5 pounds of flour arrived in a bluish-clearish sack with NO LABELING! I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but I digress. The flour is much coarser than I’ve ever seen, even a little more coarse than cornmeal (regular cornmeal, not the chunky stuff). So I made these cookies, which didn’t even have egg in them to bind them, and they came out really crumbly. The flavor was good, though. So good, I found myself chowing 2 down at around 3 in the morning when I randomly woke up! It was not the best time to eat, but I felt less guilty knowing I hadn’t put gak in my bod. I will try another chocolate chip cookie, but this time I think I may tweak it some. I’m not a baker. I’ve never been. Give me the stove and I’m good, but the oven…not so much. So to wander away from the written recipe is pretty scary for me!

I got my glasses that I blogged about last week sometime (I think!). They are full of awesomitude. Yes that is a word. Look it up. No, don’t. I lied. Anyway, my glasses look great and I feel like I have superhero vision now, what with my updated prescription letting me see way better! So, I can thoroughly endorse Zenni Optical for cheap glasses. Perfect for someone like me, who only wears glasses a few times a month. I usually wear my contacts, so I can work out and wear sunglasses. And not have that weird condensation/fogging up thing happen every time I come in from the cold.

I’m continuing to get my kids off the junk over here. They aren’t putting up too much of a fight. That’s good. Some things are going to be harder than others. Like cereal. Oh boy. Not looking forward to that day, which is coming soon, since the box is almost empty. They are trying new things (the cookies), and enjoying new “favorites” like our gluten-free “Pizza Fridays”. I can do this! So can they!

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