Burger Basics, Some Cow Shopping, A Movie, and The Lipid Hypothesis

I love burgers. I just had one. I used ground beef, nothing added, just fry it on med-high sprinkle a little salt on, and (this is very important)…only flip once! Well, there are two schools of thought. One says flipping frequently distributes the juices more. I disagree. I don’t think it makes much difference with the juices. I like the one-flip method because you get that nice crust on the burger by doing that. I eat my burgers naked (no bun) with a sprinkle of cheddar and a little “Lazy Girl’s Guacamole”. Basically, mash an avocado with a few spoonfuls of salsa, sometimes a little garlic powder, and voila, guacamole!! Another favorite version involves bacon and blue cheese. But really, bacon and blue cheese on anything is pretty good, am I right?!

We are in the process of acquiring a chest freezer. Doing a little research, pricing. I think we’re gonna cheap out on the freezer. I don’t need anything fancy, I don’t need self-defrosting, blah blah blah. Just keep the food frozen. We are cheaping out on the freezer because DAMN! grass-fed beef is freaking pricey, y’all!!! I’m talking to 3 farms. We pretty much have decided. The farm is in upstate NY. That is as local as we can get. I tried and tried to find some beef on Long Island. Turns out, there’s not a lot of cattle on Long Island! Ha. So upstate we go. We are looking at a 1/4 steer, which they tell me will be around 70-100 pounds of meat, and will fit in a 7 cubic foot freezer. Of course, we are going to get some pork (bacon!!) and maybe some lamb. The “good” chicken is what we will be adding last. I want to purchase whole chickens to maximize food and minimize cost, and I need to bone up on my butchering skills. We are thinking maybe next year to add the chicken. I think I’ve found a place locally to get the chickens, as well. So that’s a plus.

Mr. Dawn and I watched Fat Head last night. It’s streaming on Netflix. I cannot urge you enough to watch it. Now. It’s definitely low budget and has cheesy animations and songs, but the message is right on point. We were getting a little bored through the first 1/3-1/2 of the film, I think only because we already knew a lot of what Tom Naughton was trying to tell us. He goes after Morgan Spurlock’s Super-Size Me pretty hard. He shows us some interesting math regarding that flick that is pretty eye-opening.

But the best part of this movie is the last half or so. This is where Tom brings in lots of doctors and they tell us all about how The Lipid Hypothesis is a load of crap. Lipid Hypothesis? What’s that? It’s how we got scammed into believing this low fat, low cholesterol, whole grain diet is good for us. It states that a diet high in saturated fat (animal fat) leads to high cholesterol, and in turn, high cholesterol causes heart disease. You can look up the controversy yourself, I can’t go into all the deets right at the moment (or you could take the easy way out and just stream the movie, ha). Here’s an article from the NY Times about the whole debacle: What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie?? A very funny part of the movie was when Tom (who was the guinea pig in his own experiment of eating fast food every day) goes back to his doctor and the doctor is stunned, absolutely stunned, to find that all of his numbers had improved. Fat loss, weight loss, blood work improved….it was amazing. What was great was watching the doctor chastise Naughton for eating so much junk and then telling him to step on the scale to see “what damage you’ve done”. Good stuff, I highly highly recommend it!!!

The movie also left me feeling very guilty for letting my kids have some of the junk they love. I don’t even eat the crap, but I’m willing to give it to my kids? Not anymore, I’m not!! Mr. Dawn and I discussed changing it NOW. We will be moving forward with getting the junk out and the good stuff in. If it’s not in the house, they can’t eat it, right?

Food for today (this is the plan, it could change):

-earl grey a la PD

-plenty of water

-burger with cheddar and guacamole

-either a smoothie or a spinach salad with DOTG (dressing of the gods, hee hee, see yesterday’s post)

-dinner tonight is leftovers since it’s school night: we have some ham, some beef, salad, avocados…

So wow, this post had lots of good stuff, huh? Check it out. Even if you disagree, it is all in the name of educating ourselves and becoming aware of everything we eat, whether you’re a die-hard vegan or a raw foodie, paleo, primal, or whatever!!

Coming soon: I want to address inflammation and omega-6 fatty acids.


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