I love pesto, and I’ve been craving it for about a week now. I picked up a big bunch of basil a few days ago and got to make some of that lovely sauce on Friday. It’s such a good basic sauce to have on hand. We had some over baked chicken breasts last night, and this morning the leftover pesto was spooned over some slightly soft scrambled eggs with a little whole milk mozzarella on top.

I like my pesto with lemon juice and no pine nuts. You can really make this your own, maybe some sundried tomatoes or some fancy olives….or even use a different herb, like cilantro. I’ve never tried cilantro pesto, but it sounds great to me! Granted, my recipe for pesto isn’t any different than the myriad of pesto recipes you’ll find out there, but it’s good and it has my own tweaks, so here it is!

Primal Dawn Pesto

-1 1/2-2 cups basil leaves

-3-4 TB parmesan (I buy a chunk of the good stuff, and I don’t even grate it for the processor, just chunk it a little and throw it in)

-2 garlic cloves (personal preference, you could use more or less as you like)

-1/3-1/2 cup of good extra virgin olive oil

-Juice of 1 lemon


Whirl everything except the lemon juice and oil in your food processor (a blender might work). Stop a few times to scrape the sides of the processor bowl. Oh, and you definitely want to chop the parmesan up into smaller pieces, and you should rough up the garlic a little. Trust me. Whole cloves are a gamble. Every time I’ve just thrown a whole clove into whatever I’m making in the processor, someone inevitably gets a gnarly surprise. Not fun. Unless you like to just chomp on raw garlic. Then by all means go ahead. But if you have a significant other, you should make them eat some too, so you both stink!

Then just drizzle the oil and lemon juice in and salt to taste. You could skip the salt, the parmesan is a little salty. I just add a pinch.  The amount of oil you use will depend on how much basil you used and what consistency you prefer.

This recipe made about 1 1/2 cups of pesto. It was so nice to have in the depths of winter. The smell and taste of basil always reminds me of summer.

So let me know if you try this (and you should try this). Put a little summer on your plate!!!

Here’s my food plan for today:

-earl grey (the usual, honey and half and half)

-3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, topped with mozzarella and pesto

-1/2 an avocado

-few handfuls of baby spinach with tahini lemon dressing…..yes, the dressing is baaaack! Anyone who read my previous CRON blog knows I went through a phase of eating this dressing almost every day for a few months:)

-Dinner: italian meatballs with marinara sauce (over pasta for the kiddos, none for me or Mr. Dawn)…I may add another veggie, maybe some zucchini or something.

-More tea and lots of H20!

I missed boxing this morning. We all slept in! I will do yoga today. No biggie. I am not going to make a huge deal out of missing it. I have enough guilt in my noggin, I have no space or desire to beat myself up today. I did, however find these KICKASS WRAPS!!!

Do these not scream Primal Dawn or what?? I want to try elastic wraps, just to see how they fit compared to my regular wraps. These were on Amazon. I have them in my cart, I just have to finalize the deal. Probably tomorrow. Oh, and you should all know that yes, I punch like a girl, and I have pink gloves. I like to imagine myself serving up a beat-down with my pink gloves of fury!!!



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