Good Food on a Lazy Day

Today is super lazy. I haven’t done  much. Folded a load of laundry, studied precalculus, and just hung out with my boys.

Both of my sons are working on becoming the next boy band. They spent a good chunk of the morning playing the drums and guitar. Every 15 minutes or so they would trade instruments. It was like a rock and roll circuit!! J even said to me, before he went downstairs to play, “I gotta get my rock clothes on!!” and he ran off and put on a black shirt, black pants, and black and grey socks with skulls on them. Just now, T-Lo serenaded me with the electric guitar. He’s so little he has to sit and prop the guitar up. And it’s a child’s electric guitar, so it’s a smaller scale already. Sooooo cute. I’m a lucky mama to be sung to by my little rock star.

I’m off to boxing tomorrow morning. My knuckles have healed for the most part. You never really notice just how much your knuckles have to do with every day life until they are bloodied, sore, and scabby. Every little bump or brush ignites an explosion in the nerves.

My eating the past two days has left me feeling so much better. I don’t miss the junk at all!

–earl grey with half and half and honey

–4 slices of bacon and butternut squash hash

–honeydew melon (this was perfectly ripe, I don’t like too sweet or not sweet at all, and this was “just right”!)

–handful of sundried tomatoes (not oil-packed) and brie

–Dinner plan: pan-fried chicken boobs with homemade pesto and some veg….I haven’t thought past the protein yet!

I also forgot to mention Primal Dawn Headquarters has welcomed a new kitchen gadget! A dehydrator!! As we speak (we’re “speaking”, at least in my head) we are about 2 hours away from unveiling our first batch of beef jerky. It’s a very good thing we ran out of space in my upstairs kitchen and had to put “Hydra” in the downstairs kitchen/craft/sewing area. Why is it a good thing? The smell when you head downstairs is outrageous! Also, I would hate to throw my coat on and be smelling beef jerky all day while I’m out and about. That’s just wrong. I can just see myself being set upon by all the stray dogs in town the minute I step outside. Although, that whole scenario would be pretty primal…you know, being chased by animals.




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