Mondays Do Not Suck

So many people hate Mondays, but not me. Why? First, everyone goes back to work and school  today and I get some quiet time to myself. Second, it’s like a fresh start. Another day to treat yourself well by eating nourishing real food, exercising, and working on “things”. I guess those “things” are different for everyone. It could be biting your tongue before you let cruel or hurtful words fly. It might be meditating for 15 minutes before your days starts. It could be becoming gentler with your kids or spouse. Whatever it is, we should all have goals in mind for how we want our lives to be. The only way to get to that life that you picture in your head is to DO THE WORK! Yes, it actually takes conscious effort on your part. Sorry, there are no shortcuts.

On to the food for Super Bowl Sunday:

-earl grey with honey and half and half

-smoothie: blueberries, peaches, kefir, spinach, honey, and acai powder…a POWER SMOOTHIE!!!

-leftover pot roast with roasted carrots and a slice of homemade primal bread with butter

-spaghetti squash faux “baked ziti”

We had some snacks to eat during the game, but honestly neither of us were hungry.

Today here’s what I’m planning:


-green smoothie of some variety

-leftover spaghetti squash casserole

-“breaded” chicken cutlets with steamed broccoli (I put oil and garlic in too)

I am considering packing the boys’ lunches next year. I’m seeing a lot of awesome stuff out there (bento boxes, bamboo utensils, BPA free items).  I discussed it with J yesterday. He didn’t seem too happy about it, but he was open to it. I explained the what and why of it all, and he could still buy lunch at school a few times a week when he stays with his dad. I told him I wanted him to be super healthy and strong for swimming. He LOVES swimming, so I incorporated that in to the discussion. It will mean more work for me in the morning and will also take quite a bit of planning, but I’m tentatively optimistic about it!


2 thoughts on “Mondays Do Not Suck

  1. Good luck with planning on packing lunches for your boys! After the first month or so you realize what they like, what they don’t like, and you find a groove. Best way I’ve found to get kiddo buy-in is to ask the kid to check out the lunch while you’re packing it night-before or morning-of, even try little tastes. Then they go to school feeling like they’ve already given it their personal seal of approval. 🙂

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