What Are You Doing For You Today?

I’m going geocaching! I know I ranted like a lunatic last time, and there’s no guarantee I won’t do it again. Or every single time I go. Yeah, get used to it. I felt so good during and the good vibes carried over into the rest of my day. It just goes along with my self-improvement theme for this year. Doing things I love and that make me feel good.

Also, I’m going to eat the best and most nourishing food on the planet. I’m planning this:

-organic earl grey with honey and half and half

-bacon jalapeno poppers (bacon, jalapenos, cream cheese)…for brekkie! Decadent!

-some sort of green juice or a smoothie, or both, depending on hunger levels

-Dinner will be my “faux baked ziti” thing with spaghetti squash….here, and some veggies of some sort.

I’ve decided to go back to boxing. I love it so very much, and it occurred to me that I can just talk with my trainers and just tell them the issues I have. Sparring may be out for now, but there’s no saying that it has to be forever! I can do most of the workout, so I think it’s just an excuse to say I “can’t” box anymore. I’m planning on going at least twice a week.

Also, I’m on Week 1, Day 2 of my C25K. I was looking at my records, and I made it further than I thought before. I’m showing that I made it almost all the way through Week 7. There are only 9 weeks, so that’s really not too bad.

I am still doing the Oil Cleansing Method.  I really like it and it’s cheap, simple to do, and much healthier for everyone. My skin never really went kooky like I thought it might in the beginning. I am also still dry brushing, although this is hit or miss. I’m not very consistent. I haven’t noticed much of a difference, but again, I’m inconsistent. I am also still doing my tablespoon of ground flax seed in the evening. Again, I don’t see much of a difference, but it certainly doesn’t hurt anything.

So, that’s enough out of me, what about you? Are you doing nice things for yourself today? What are they? How do they make you feel?


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