Geocaching Adventures

Today was such an awesome day!!! I picked up my friend C at 10 this morning and we went geocaching. I didn’t get home until 3 in the afternoon. We found 10 caches. Have I mentioned that there’s around oh….2 1/2 feet of snow everywhere?? Well, there is. And we had to hoof it through that snow on trails in parks, and on the side of roads, and over the river and through the woods. Well, over a creek and through a clump of trees. One cache had me holding C’s hand and bracing myself so she could lean waaaay over the creek and snag the cache from the side of the creek bed. Had anyone seen us, it would have been very silly. We had a cover story though. If anyone passed by, she would yell, “I can’t believe you dropped it. Oh, we’re never going to find it now…” Ha, very clever, no? See, when you go geocaching, it’s supposed to be on the down low. You have to be stealthy when muggles are near. Yes, people who don’t geocache are called muggles in the geocaching community. We had a few close encounters.

The best one though, was inside some sort of evergreen tree or bush. Right in a parking lot of a diner. We walked along the sidewalk, looked around and made sure no one was looking, then boom we pushed aside the branches and went under. It was like a hide-out that you’d have loved as a kid. Or…ahem…as a soon-to-be 36 year old woman. Then there, attached to the trunk, was the cache. The loot. The booty. I took a jack and left a toy car.

So yes, I played today. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. C and I are very similar. We were singing in the car, talking over each other in our excitement, and basically just being silly. I fell a few times. She fell a few times. Good thing we had snow boots, because we ended up wet almost to the knees of our jeans. We got stuck in sticker bushes. I saved her when three thorny branches got their tendrils in her long hair. We were laughing that I saved her life. I came home light-hearted with pink cheeks from the cold, and a nice bloody scrape on my shin to show off. See, I’m hardcore. I bleed for geocaching!! Here’s some pics. I didn’t get any of either of us, but I did manage to get a little snowman out in the middle of a field, and some crazy green ivy-type thing winding up a tree. It was weird to see anything green in this cold, white world.

I cannot help but think that geocaching is the perfect marriage of modern technology and the primal lifestyle I seek. I’m using a GPS to schlep my butt all over, mostly in parks and out in nature. I got such a good workout from walking in the deep, deep snow. It’s almost like a walking lunge or a stair machine kind of movement. It also works the brain, because usually included with the coordinates of the cache are little clues. Some of which are very clever. You get to the area where the cache is and you have to work out the puzzle to figure out where exactly it is. For us primal grokettes who follow The 10 Immutable Laws of The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, this would get filed under “Move frequently at a slow pace”, “play”, and “use your brain”. It’s a win-win, people!! If you told me this morning that I’d be knee deep in snow and walking all over and falling and scraping myself, I’d say that sounds like….not so much fun. But the fresh air and the sunlight work wonders. You get out there and you don’t even notice the cold or how the wetness from your pant leg feels on your skin. You are so absorbed in your surroundings and finding the cache. It’s a wonderful thing. And it’s good for you. Again, a win-win for me. And probably for you if you tried it!

Here’s the site for Geocaching. Get out and adventure! You can thank me later.

In other news, T-Lo is 4!


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