5 Great Things About Me

I started giving J a journal/creative writing assignment today. I want to do it every weekend. He wasn’t too keen on it, but then I threatened him with no video games and that perked him right up. There are no hard and fast rules, I just give a topic and he can write anything and add drawings or whatever he wants. Then he reads it to me. I don’t really have a purpose for this, other than I think it could be fun and I’d like to foster an interest in writing. I don’t proofread or correct him, I want it to be light-hearted with no pressure.

So today’s topic? 5 great things about me. His 5? He can swim, he’s a bad brother (yes, bad, he said he likes being “evil”…even though he’s a great big brother), he’s good at video games, he’s a good Lego builder, and he loves his family. Awwww. So I thought in the spirit of our new writing adventure, I’d do my version.

5 Great Things About Me

1-I’m a pretty good mother. At least I think so. Although they may act like wild monkeys at home, I get many compliments about both of my boys wherever we go. Teachers like them, friends’ mothers say how well-behaved and polite they are, and I am not afraid to take them anywhere. Well, except T-Lo. He’s not so great with the library. Yet. He’ll get there. For now it’s more of a “Mommy and J” kind of activity.

2-I set an example for blended families. Really. All of us get along: me, Mr. Dawn, J’s daddy, J’s daddy’s fiance….it was slightly awkward when the fiance came on board, but we just do our thing and she quickly picked up on it. As a matter of fact, J’s daddy frequently hangs out for nearly an hour when he comes to pick up J. J gets ants in his pants and often goes and sits in the car, waiting, as a hint. We just blab away. There is no need for animosity with the person you have a child with. It’s no good for anyone. Although, people get hurt and do bad things to each other and not being able to move forward from there is tough. I get it. But I came from a broken home, and I made it my utmost goal to make sure my child saw how functional families work, even if they are separate.

3-I can change my own oil in my car. If I have to. Which I haven’t had to in years. My father was a mechanic and I used to hang out in his shop. I had 2 brothers and a sister, so it was my special alone time with my father. That, and I was the only kid who showed and interest in anything even remotely mechanical. I can also change a tire. If I have to. Again, I can usually coerce…ahem….beg someone to do it for me. I like changing oil. Tires, not so much.

4-I feel more comfortable in my skin than ever. As I’ve aged, I’ve let my freak flag fly even more. Whereas before I would stifle myself in order to fit in…actually, I was never a sheep, but I didn’t really let loose til I got with Mr.Dawn. Mr. Dawn encourages me and doesn’t try to stop me from expressing myself. A funny thing: when I dyed my hair blue a few months ago, J’s daddy came to pick up J and he took one look and said, “You’re soooo weird!!!” He was laughing and it was funny. I don’t mind being called weird. I kinda am. But Mr. Dawn didn’t miss a beat. He said, “That’s what I love about her! I never know what I’m going to come home too!” I guess some of it is that a lot of the things I may have shied away from are now becoming culturally “no big deal”.

5-I have a weird ability to correctly total up random scatterings of small objects. I didn’t think this was weird until one lab in biology last semester. We had to scatter these beads on a tray divided into quadrants and do averages of each quadrant. I believe it was to estimate populations in an area. Well, every time we scattered the beads, I’d be the first one (by a long shot) who’d get the number. And there were a lot of beads! I don’t know if my brain groups them differently than other people, but it’s kinda weird.

Those are my 5! What do you think? What are some great things about you? Come on, you know you wanna brag!!!


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