I’m Educated!

I got the most exciting letter in the mail today. It’s from my school, saying that I’ve earned my associate’s degree in liberal arts!! Yay! I know it’s just liberal arts, but I had a hard time figuring out what to do with myself, and along the way I apparently got a LOT of credits towards….liberal arts. They are sending the diploma as soon as it comes in from the printer! This is exciting for so many reasons. I was one of the first to graduate high school in my family, let alone go to college. My mother had me at 17 and earned her GED. She went on to some college later, all while being a single mom of two. Two, after many setbacks in my health and the whole ordeal with T-Lo’s birth, I managed to keep it going and get there. As they say, it’s not the destination, but the journey there. I am super eager to apply for the teaching program officially, after my precal 2 is done. It’s the only prereq I have left, but I’ve been taking courses in the program for 2 semesters anyway, so I’m ready. I can’t wait to have students!!

Tomorrow is J’s birthday. He’s lucky, he’s having a friend over tomorrow, who happens to be the one boy who couldn’t make the party on Saturday. Well, he’s getting cake tomorrow, then cupcakes on Saturday. I say yuck, but hey, it’s once a year. Maybe next year I’ll try a gluten free dessert of some sort. I’m just making cake out of a box and frosting from a can. That’s how I roll. Nice and lazy…er…easy. We also started a sweet tradition that Mr. Dawn’s family does. The child who doesn’t have a birthday that day gets an Unbirthday present. We never did this, but I love it. The other child doesn’t feel left out completely. We don’t go too crazy either. We get 3 presents for the birthday boy, one from each family member. I can’t believe my kid’s gonna be 8. When the boys got haircuts yesterday, the woman who cut their hair remembered when I was pregnant with J. Amazing how time flies.

Oh, and since I should probably talk about something related to primal living or health and nutrition, I have to tell you I worked out for the first time in months today. I started my body weight program that I started this summer and only did 6 days worth. It was very tiring, involving push ups, squats, and hopscotch. Hopscotch is the cardio definitely. You’re basically jumping around as fast as you can. It was all intervals. I’m committing to getting through this 31 day program. Yoga is going well also. I feel so good after doing it. I’m liking the routine of the dvd I’ve settled into. I came up with some fitness goals for this year:

-I want to do 10 regular push ups

-I want to do yoga at least 3 times a week

-I want to finish the 31 day program I started (that’s not really a yearly goal, but I still want to do it!)

There you have it. I’ve uttered it, now there’s no going back, huh?

I hereby throw the gauntlet down. I challenge my readers to come up with a few goals (okay, even one) and come up with plans to get there. You need not just the goal, but a concrete method of getting from A to B. Let’s share. See what sorts of things come up. It’s all in good fun, and we’re all at different levels of fitness. No judgment. But we can cheer each other on, that much I know!

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