Sugar Is The Devil…And Other Important Stuff

Sugar is the devil. I found this out Saturday night when I ate 4 Oreos and some chocolate-vanilla ice cream. I paused for a second before I indulged. I thought, “Last time I had sugar, it wasn’t good. But maybe it wasn’t really the sugar. Maybe it was something else.” Yeah, right. The fun started around 1 in the morning, and went on all day Sunday. I spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom. Seriously, I was so hungry, but so uncomfortable, I didn’t eat until 6pm. Lesson learned loud and clear. I simply cannot eat sugar anymore. It’s over.

Which brings me into a small panic. What the heck can I eat for dessert or for that sweet craving? I never did eat a lot of sweets, but when I wanted something I could eat it. No more. I think I will look up some banana bread recipes (safe of course, gluten free, sugar free) or similar type things. I saw a recipe for these Cheesecake Brownies that I think I could sub honey into. They look yummers. Also, good dark chocolate doesn’t bother me. I just have to watch the sugar content.

I am making my spaghetti squash “baked ziti/lasagna” thingy tonight. I will try to make it thicker so it sets up better. I think I may post this recipe again, but a little better. Bear with me. I’m using ricotta tonight too. The original mash-up is here.

Okay, now to abruptly change the topic: I have used the Diva Cup for 4 days now. I freaking LOVE it so hard!!! I will answer the questions I know I had right now.

First, how will it work? I just read the instructions. There are 2 ways of inserting it, I use the triangle or “push down” one. Where instead of folding the little silicone cup into a U-shape, you just fold a chunk of the edge into itself, and it looks like a triangle/pyramid thing. Result? Smaller, easier to insert shape. See the diagram below: (from the Diva Cup website)

Second, will it leak and will it be uncomfortable?

I was really worried about leaking. I have a heavy flow and I was skeptical. The second time I used it, I had a little leak, but nothing more than seeing some pink on the toilet paper. I think it was just a mistake. The instructions say to rotate the cup one full rotation after you insert it. I say, yeah right. If you can do that, please contact me and let me know how the heck you did it!! I just do what I call “The Sweep”. I just inserted and swept my finger all around the cup to let it fully open and make sure the seal was secure. Works for me. As for comfort, there are some reviews I’ve read about it being really uncomfortable, and everyone’s anatomy is set up differently, but I found it very comfortable. I could sorta feel it the first few minutes, but it just feels like a tampon kind of. No biggie.

Is it a bloodbath when you remove it?? (Okay, that’s not really a nice way to put it, but you know you’re wondering about the mess factor!!)

Okay, yes, the first few times I removed it were a little “amateurish”. Meaning “not quite a murder scene bloody, but bloody enough”. I had to swipe the toilet with a Clorox wipe a few times. Then I got my removal method down cold, and no more murder scene!! You’ll find your method. You just pour it into the toilet, rinse it in the sink, and reinsert. It feels like it takes a long time at first, but you get better at it.

Now, this method of feminine hygiene has several advantages. First, less waste. No more tampons and pads in landfills. And that saves you money too! Also, you don’t have to carry all the period paraphernalia with you. It’s just a little cup in a really cute pouch (it’s purple and has a little drawstring!). And call me weird (which several people already do so it’s okay), but I kinda like the whole primal feel, getting back in touch with your cycle. No really, you will be getting in touch with your…ahem…self like never before. It’s more hands on. You feel your girly-parts and see the blood. It’s cool. However, if you are the squeamish type, it’s probably not for you. But I do think any woman who’s used a tampon may like the cup. You can sleep in it no problem, and you only have to empty it maybe twice a day. Three if it’s really heavy.

Overall, I can’t recommend the cup enough. It saves you money, it’s environmentally friendly, and I think I can officially dub it “The Primal/Paleo Woman’s Preferred Feminine Hygiene Product”. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much. But seriously, check it out!! I got mine at I love that site, by the way.

Also, I cannot believe I just gushed (haha, get it) about my period….oy, the things I do in the name of science!! Make a girl feel good, ladies, and leave a comment. Preferable about your hoo-ha (does yours have a name??), or your period, or your favorite way to kill cramps. Or if you have the cup, what do you think??



7 thoughts on “Sugar Is The Devil…And Other Important Stuff

  1. Great post, bad puns and all. 🙂 I’m on depo but have been toying with the idea of going off it, as it’s hardly Primal. If I do decide to take that leap, I’m definitely getting these. I hate having to shell out money every month for supplies, and +1 on not creating more waste!

    1. I love me some bad puns:) I never did depo, but you either love it or hate it from what I’ve heard. Good luck on testing the feminine hygiene waters!!! Look forward to hearing what you think.

  2. This post really speaks to me!Sugar is the devil, even fruit in my case, which is sad but I’ve come to term with it.
    Secondly, I’ve had the Diva Cup for 6 months now and still can’t get it to work without slipping and sliding all over the place. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but have tried ‘push down’ fold and am hoping it stays put! I use it when I’m home but can’t risk any leakage when out…grrr! I’ve wondered if mine’s defective or if I need to make bigger holes so it stays put.


    1. I wonder if making the holes bigger might help? I’ve read of women doing that and it worked. Maybe you could call some sort of Diva Cup helpline? It might be a little weird, but they’re probably experts so they might have some ideas. Are you doing the rotation or the sweep after? It needs that to make sure it’s fully opened up to make the seal. Don’t give up!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just accidentally clicked “like” for this post while trying to see who “liked” it. I can’t figure out how to “unlike” it, so there you are. I’m in love with my posts!!!

  4. I’m doing the rotation but it doesn’t seem to stay put… this is getting pretty personal 😉 i might have had it working this afternoon for a little bit, not sure! I can’t give up at this point, i’m determined to get it working.


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