Snowpocalypse 2011!

I’m up way too early. We are currently in the middle of a nasty snowstorm. I checked out the window and I think it looks like around 12 inches of the stuff! Seems like a good day to do a whole lot of nothing. Except yoga. I gotta do that.

I’ve been pondering exercise again. I’m feeling better every day and I think it’s time to kick it into gear. I’m wondering what to do. I have a treadmill, but I really don’t feel like doing “Chronic Cardio” and getting nowhere fast. Long bouts of cardio do nothing but strengthen the heart. It can even increase inflammation, which is a problem for me already. No thanks. According to Mark Sisson, we should be sprinting a little and lifting heavy things, and playing. This makes so much sense to my brain. I am slowly coming up with a plan. I think I’m going to start with intervals of body weight exercises. I’m looking at this. It consists of 6 basic exercises that need no equipment, just a timer and your bod. I tried this over the summer and only got about 2 weeks in. Fail. I will endeavor to persevere. I’m not going to bother with that other stuff on that page, the diet and whatnot. I’m set there.

I made a yummy dinner last night. I started with the Chicken and Dumplings recipe from The Gourmet Slow Cooker by Lynn Alley. But I had to Dawn it up. I added garlic powder, homemade turkey stock, omitted the peas, and used boneless chicken breasts and thighs. And of course, I skipped the dumplings. I tried to thicken it with arrowroot, but I must say I am having a tough time with the arrowroot. It was more like chicken soup. It was still delicious. Any arrowroot tips? I am probably just using it wrong, I mean it’s a chemical reaction right? If you don’t do it right, it don’t happen!

To go with the soup/stew, I made a variation of AndreAnna’s Grain-Free Savory Country Biscuits. I used cheddar instead of parmesan, I used my homemade whole milk yogurt, I omitted the chives (didn’t have any), used more parsley, more salt, and baked mine a little longer (she recommends 15-18 minutes, I think I got away with at least 20). Verdict? I think these are the best bready-substitute I’ve tried yet. Mr. Dawn ate 3! And they were big! I had to shoo him away so that we had 3 for breakfast this morning. These would be great burger buns (something Mr. Dawn has mourned the loss of). I plan on toasting them up and putting an over-easy egg over the top and jazzing it up with some other stuff…I haven’t thought that far ahead. I must say, I’ve been trying gluten-free primal recipes from all over the place, and AndreAnna is right on target. Her stuff is good.  A lot of the stuff out there leaves me lukewarm at best.

I’ve discovered a primal blog that is right up my alley. Primal Kitchen is the blog of a primal family with kids. I have such an internal struggle with the way I eat versus what I allow my kids to eat. Don’t get me wrong, they eat 80% better than most kids. They have from day one. Now with the transition to primal and my digestive problems, I find myself trying harder to get them on track. They eat lunches at school. This makes me cringe. However, it is cheaper. The district includes lunch for T-LO (preschool), and J’s dad pays for his school lunch. Not a dime out of me. Get this though: Aside from pasta, which they LOVE, they eat pretty primal on their own. J just told me yesterday he had a chicken sandwich at lunch, but he skipped the bun. I was so proud. He didn’t do it to please me or to “be primal”, he just prefers no bun. I think to get really uptight about this would be unnecessary. I know there are mamas out there who do it and do it amazingly well. I just have to trust that where we are is okay for now. We modern day mamas put enough pressure on ourselves (and other mamas) to be perfect and it just isn’t attainable, nor would I want to be living in a world where everyone was perfect. Boring. Anyway, I am very excited to see this blog and will definitely be following along.

I want to also say something about due diligence. Just yesterday, I read on facebook, someone (a very respected person in the health/nutrition world) posted a statement declaring something incredible. Which is okay, I guess. But here’s the thing that bothered me: where’s the science to back it up? I saw all these women gushing and fawning over this statement, and yet no one asked to see any studies or facts about said statement. This is dangerous, people. Don’t believe anything until you research it yourself. You can make things look any way you want to, really. There’s always a way of cooking up data to make the info fit your ideology (not that I claim to know how). Take the time to learn about what you are putting in your body and the physiological effects on it. As Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food.” Just because someone is charismatic or healthy looking, doesn’t mean they are the end-all be-all of the dietary world. Everyone is different, and everyone must do the work to find what works for them.

I’d like to point out the recent scandal regarding a famous study linking vaccines and autism. It was discovered to be a fraud (one news article here). Now this one is very incendiary. Mothers everywhere were swearing that their child had been fine until the vaccine. Jenny McCarthy was a celebrity who touted this. She even went on Oprah to tell everyone how her son Evan developed autism after a vaccine. I always looked at this claim with skepticism. My kids were fine. I even had a 27-weeker who was hospitalized for his first year of life. His vaccines were a breath of fresh freaking air compared to the hell we went through. Now, I don’t want to say with certainty that the debate is over. It just has weaker legs to stand on. It’s not like I can’t sympathize. When T-Lo was so sick that they thought he’d go into cardiac arrest within 24 hours and we had to sign a DNR for him detailing what steps were to be taken (or not taken) to save his little life, I was wishing there were someone to blame, somewhere to point that would definitively answer my one question: “Why??” How the hell did this happen? How did we get here? And all too often, we blame the medical community. I guess in this case it really would be Big Pharma. And I’m sure there is a lot they can be fingered for, but in this case, autism and vaccines, they seem to be cleared.

I know this is a really sensitive topic, and I really hope that we can find what is causing autism in these children and find some ways of coping with it, or even curing it. I don’t want to seem as though I don’t care. T-Lo has his own issues, so I know how difficult it is to have a special needs child. I just think it’s a slippery slope when we believe things without doing our own research. I just wanted to use the example of the vaccine debate to show that all is not what it seems sometimes. Nor am I trying to tell any mother what to inject (or not to inject) into her child. We must all find the way that works for us.




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