Good Morning, Starshine!!

The earth says hellooooo… that tune and what show it’s from!!

I’ve been a little uninspired as far as blogging goes. I figure why jump on here with my incoherent, haphazard thoughts and dump them on you.

Let’s talk about food. Specifically yesterday’s yumminess:

-earl grey with half and half and honey

-6 bacon jalapeno poppers…sooooo good!!

-smoothie: blueberries, banana, spinach, kefir, acai, and honey.

-5 oz ground beef patty with tzatziki sauce on it. Tzatziki is a greek sauce/dip that is great on lots of things. Here’s a general recipe. I kinda wing it, you know. My usual modus operandi!

It was a good day, from a gut perspective. I find the symptoms the worst first thing in the morning and at night. I was a little worried about the jalapenos, but I risked it and it worked. Still tweaking things. I still get these random flares that I can’t nail down. It’s a process.

Had a lovely weekend. Went geocaching all together (Mr. Dawn, J, and T-LO, and moi). I took them to find a very clever cache that I had found already, just because I thought it was so cool. They loved it. Then we just found two others within a half mile of the first one. It was really fun to get out in the snow and nature for a little while. Plus, with the new GPS I got for Christmas, we can get within 3-4 feet of the cache. Makes it a little…okay a LOT easier. I think we could have tried for a few more, but with T-LO in tow we have to keep it somewhat short. We will probably make this a regular weekend family thing. Fine by me! I love geocaching. We even set up a codeword to let each other know when we’ve found it, so that we can let the others continue looking and don’t spoil the fun of discovery. What’s the word? Eggplant. Mr. Dawn picked it and it was funny so we went with it. Here are some shots:

I did yoga for the 3rd time yesterday. It was very hard with the house bustling, but Mr. Dawn took T-LO downstairs to stay out of my way. But of course, the very second I start my very first pose of the session, I start getting texts. Geez. It was J’s dad coming to get him. So I took a few minutes to get him back inside (he was out playing in the snow), and then I just waited until J had been picked up to resume. See what I did there? I could have just thrown my hands up in the air and told myself I couldn’t do it today. But I didn’t give up. I did 30 minutes of a dvd I have and boy was it tough. I’m twisting myself up like a pretzel! It’s very important to listen to your body while doing yoga (or anything else new). There’s no yoga contest to win. You just enjoy moving into the poses and observing what the sensations are as you go. This is very hard for us super stressed-out, Type A, goal-oriented people. But it is worth it. I’m doing it as soon as I finish this post!

Okay, post finished. Have an awesome, peaceful day!!

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