Wow….We’re on Fiiiyaah! (Lots of Linkies)

I haven’t been on Mark’s Daily Apple forums section for a while. I googled “primal kids food” to see if I could scrounge up some recipes, it sent me there, and I found a lot of new primal blogs out there! New ones by lovely ladies with kids! Yay! Primal is catching on. I love it.

So here’s some I found:

Primal Ponderings…she just started in August it looks like!

Growing Up Paleo

Following My Nose

Primrose and Paleo…she’s brand new too!

The Food Lover’s Primal Palate….how did I miss this one?? Looks soooo drool-worthy.

So, check them out, spread the word, we’re takin’ over!!

Also, check this out, fresh to my reader this morning via ReadyMade:

Chemical Free: The Oil Cleansing Method

Also also, this is apparently the search that people are using to find my sweet blog:

“video hot six large blak girl big boobs fat ass bbw”

Ummmm….yeah. I’m gonna guess they didn’t find what they were looking for. I’m flattered though.


4 thoughts on “Wow….We’re on Fiiiyaah! (Lots of Linkies)

  1. Thanks for including me on your list! I have a recipe, Banana Spice Scramble, that’s great for kids. I’ve also just started the Oil Cleansing Method and like the results thus far… will post about it in about two weeks time. AndreAnna at Life As a Plate just posted about it as well.


  2. I saw that recipe and it’s so kooky it just might work:) I would never have thought to do bananas and eggs. I mean, banana bread and all, but not in scrambled eggs.

  3. Hey! Saw your traffic on my blog, and there you linked me. Pretty cool! I have been primal/paleo since Aug 2009. I re-committed in Aug 2010 after a cross country move and some craziness in my life.

    It was a while since i posted, but I decided it was time for another Challenge, which means more posts 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out!

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