What was that about “best laid plans” or sumthin??

It all started with the phone call this morning that T-LO’s bus was broke down and that pick-up would be a half hour late. And it just went from there. I had all these perfectly orchestrated plans involving yoga first thing after T-LO got on the bus. Today was the day. Y-Day….yoga day. It starts here. The universe, however, had other plans for me. I am proud to say though, even in the midst of all the craziness that would end up being my day (involving 4 occurrences of being put on hold for over ten minutes and then being hung up on….I’m not kidding….4 times! That’s 40 minutes of my time spent on the damn phone, people!!!), yoga was had. Oh yes. I just thought to myself, “I am not gonna let this f-ing stressed out stupid day punk my ass!” That’s how I operate. I come up against an obstacle, and I get pissed. Then I just get down to business. The yoga turned out to be the one peaceful, quiet moment in my day. And I needed it.

Maybe that’s a sign? I had to want it today. I had to seek it out and make it happen. And in doing so, I was rewarded with a moment’s peace in a crazy-ass day. I could have just told myself I’d start tomorrow. But we all know how that goes. I guess if I wax philosophical about it, it could get pretty heavy and deep and all. But mostly it’s just my ego and not letting something that is telling me no at every turn get the better of me. And boy, was this day getting to me.

While we’re getting all frou-frou and hippy-dippy here, I want to touch on a Buddhist idea that I have been pondering. One of the things I read at zen habits really stuck with me. It is the idea of being non-judgmental, about having no expectations of things. This blew my mind when I really thought about it. I mean, this is really an area for me to work on. I get so irritated when things don’t go as planned or when someone doesn’t behave the way I thought they would. One of the quotes mentions that when we think of things as beautiful, then some things become ugly. Also when you have expectations, then you are either pleased when things go your way, or angry or sad when they don’t. If you take the judging and expectation out of the equation, you can see things simply as they are. Not bad, not good. Just that they are. This is something I really really want to work on this year. Especially in my relationships. Now, I don’t take this to mean that you just sit idly by and watch everything around you go down. I just see it as a starting point for deeper work. I just need to try to not be judgmental.

Now, onto lighter fare!

Here’s an offering to the juice gods

Yes, every day is Halloween here. Mama likes skulls. This juice was delicious. Beet, kale, apple, carrot, celery, cucumber, and a teeny bit o’ lemon. Really light and refreshing. Even T-LO liked it:

That’s him with his juice mustache. Love it. Gotta work on the eyes though. I had to chase him down for this pic, he was screaming, “No cheese! No cheese mama!!” since I’m all about the “say cheese!”

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s better. Okay, wait, that’s an expectation isn’t it? See, I suck at this Buddhism stuff already!







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