OCM Day 1

Forgot to tell y’all:

Oil-Cleansing Method Day One down!!! It was really cool. I loved the way the oil feels, I thought it would be a bit like slathering cooking oil on my face, but it’s nice, like a little mini-massage for the face. I used 25% castor oil, 75% sunflower oil, and a few drops of lavender essential oil, cuz it’s good for my oily, yet sensitive skin and I love the scent. J was very interested. He loves when I’m making beauty potions. I already make my Super Precious Face Oil from Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs. I use it every night after my shower. It’s good stuff. I don’t even buy moisturizer at the store anymore!

So anyway, my main problem was coming up with a suitable container. I wanted glass, and I need something sorta small since I’m starting with a batch of 4 tablespoons (you need to tweak the ratios before finding one that works), and I didn’t want a wide mouth, since I’d want to be able to just dribble a little out. So I scrounged in the recycling bin, surveyed my collection of jars and bottles that I’ve been saving for freezing broth and kombucha, and nuttin’. Finally I opened the cabinet with our drinking glasses in it. There it was: a glass soy sauce bottle with the cool cap with the two holes for pouring!!! Genius!!

J and I used a funnel and poured in 1 TB castor oil, 3 TB sunflower oil, then I added the lavender oil. Behold!!

Yep, it even has a fancy label made with waterproof first aid tape and a black Sharpie. Classy!

Here’s a shot of the major players:

In the background you can see several key things for my health…the book, the butter, the tomatoes and red pepper, the tea pot, and the top of the jar of coconut oil…oh! and a pineapple! nom nom nom!

It says on the site that you may feel an opening of the floodgates, as far as oil is concerned, for a few days when you start. I don’t see it so far, but again, day one here. I used it in the shower. I figured it was all steamy there anyway, perfect for opening the pores. I massaged the oil into my face, then placed a hot washcloth on my face and just breathed a few times. Repeat a few times. Then I just wiped the oil off with the washcloth and rinsed a little under the spray.

Okay…that’s just a bonus shot of me lookin’ fine!! Again, notice the background. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire anyone?? Geez, I gotta edit these pics better.


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