I’m Turning Into The “Crunchy Granola” Type

On the Nutrition Front:

I’ve been having smoothies most mornings. I vary the fruit, but I always have baby spinach, honey, and acai powder. I’m just testing the acai out. It’s flavor is good, kinda tart. Today’s was banana, mango, kefir, water, and the others. I find that it’s gentler to start my system with something easier to digest, you know, liquid form. I have found that I don’t like my smoothies too cold or too slushy/thick. I usually microwave any frozen fruit or let it thaw at room temp, and I add a little extra water so it’s thinner.

I’ve also been buying nitrate-free bacon and hot dogs for the family. J loves the natural turkey dogs. It’s more expensive, but I figure I’m saving money in other areas, so why not?

On the Crunchy Granola Front:

Today I ran out first thing to the health food store and got castor oil, sunflower oil, arrowroot powder, and organic wheat-free tamari. The oils are for my next self-experiment: The Oil Cleansing Method described here and here. My skin is really temperamental, I get irritated with sunscreens, it’s oily one day, flaky at the forehead and nose, I break out randomly and they are really deep, painful buggers I dub “Mt. Dawn”. Yeah. It’s gross.

I seem to be hell-bent on getting out toxins from the home all of the sudden. I’m thinking of giving up shampoo and ridding the house of sodium laureth sulfate. I already make my own cleaners with Borax, castile soap, vinegar, and essential oils. It’s awesome stuff and I don’t have to evacuate the room to use it. I am now thinking of the cleaning products for our bods and I’m not happy. I’m also scoping out some towels to try to wean us off our paper towel habit. We use a LOT of paper towels in this house. If I could even just cut back it would be an improvement.

Also, any male readers who may get squeamish can tune out now. I just ordered the Diva Cup last night. Yep. I’m going there. I am super excited to try this. I’ll do a review when I have it sussed out. Think of all the money I’ll be saving from not having to buy pads and tampons!

So many changes to look forward to. Just someone please stop me if I start wearing patchouli oil, wearing tie-dye clothing, and asking for miracles.

Bye for now, I need to go listen to some Hatebreed and rock out to shake this hippy vibe.


6 thoughts on “I’m Turning Into The “Crunchy Granola” Type

  1. I’m working on my own little spin on the “crunchy granola type” – I can only hope it’s possible to give up some of these modern thrills (shampoo and such) and still remain free of that college hippie stink! As you know, I adore the OCM! I’m a few weeks into the No ‘Poo experiment and it’s going well. Started out rough, but I’m starting to feel that soft, happy hair again. Nice to meet you, and looking forward to following your blog!

    1. I’m about to go no ‘poo soon. I just need to finish this bottle I have. I have short, messy type hair, and it’s very fine/thin, so I think just a little baking soda at the roots and maybe a vinegar rinse should work. I love all these self-experiments!

  2. I’ve just started the OCM and am loving it already. I already have the Diva Cup but have had a helluva time inserting it and getting it to stay up there, leak-free. Let me know how you fare. I’ve looked at tons of sites for help, but am still struggling. It’s great, I just wish I could get it to work properly.


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