Cabin Fever

This winter break and forced hibernation with the blizzard and all has been nice, but I’m getting restless. I’m eager to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Yeah. Grocery shopping. I know. But I do need more kefir, at least til I figure out how to make it:) And lots of veggies and fruits for health! We are going through a case of mangoes from our warehouse club store, and we have cases of oranges from babcia. She sends them every year.

I’ve been making an effort to get good bacteria in this persnickety gut of mine. This has been a regimen of kombucha, yogurt, and now store-bought kefir. The kefir has 10 strains of bacteria, which is great. And yes, I’ve been researching how to make it myself. Soon enough. I use it in smoothies, or sometimes I just chug a quick cup by the fridge just to get it in.

I made a yummy dinner tonight. It got thumbs up and the stamp of “you can make that again”. Which is good. As always here on PD, we do things down and dirty, not a lot of measuring and whatnot. But I’ll break it down as best I can:


-ground beef

-spaghetti squash (I used one big one, could have used another 1/2)

-pasta sauce (homemade preferably, but hey, nobody’s watchin’)



-egg or two

-cottage cheese or ricotta (I used cottage cheese)


-italian spices….you could use a blend but I just threw in some oregano, basil and a little marjoram



How To:

Beforehand (I did it the day before)….steam spaghetti squash in microwave. Just slice in half, scoop out seeds, place cut side down in an inch of water in a dish and poke a few holes in the skin. Nuke the hell out of it. Then let it cool and take out the yummy strands. I strained mine in the sink for a bit to get out any extra liquid. I don’t know if it helped.

Saute onions, then throw in the ground beef and garlic. Then when it’s nice and brown, dump the sauce in and stir. Take off heat after a few minutes.

Then in a bowl, mix your cottage cheese, parmesan, and eggs with some italian spices. This is going to provide some stickitude to your casserole.

Shred mozzarella and set aside.

Then assemble: In a big casserole dish, put some sauce on the bottom of dish. Then layer however you like. I put some squash down, then cottage cheese mix, then sauce, then mozzarella, etc. Save some mozzarella to finish the top. Finish with meat sauce on top. Then cover and bake for about 30 minutes at oh…350. Then take the cover off and put the reserved mozzarella on and pop back in til browned a little and bubbly.

This was so yummy. I will say I need to tweak the texture. It was kind of goopy. Delicious, but goopy. Nobody but me cared, but I wanted to slice into it and have a chunk, not spoon it out. Really, if you are craving lasagna or baked ziti, this will definitely satisfy us cavegrrls. Oh, and more cheese. As always, I wanted more cheese. But that’s no big revelation there.

I am also on day 2 of my flax seed regimen. I’ve been taking a tablespoon and putting ground flax seeds in a small cup of warm water and chug-a-lugging. I have tried several ways of eating these buggers, but I don’t like the texture in smoothies or really in my food. It’s too grainy. So I’ve just done the “get it over with” approach. It’s not that bad! I buy whole seeds, keep them in the fridge, then grind small amounts (1/2 cup at a time) and keep in a jar in the fridge. I haven’t noticed any life-changing effects, but I know it’s not hurting me, and it IS only day 2. Stay tuned.

Next week I’ll begin adding coconut oil back in daily. Tablespoon a day. I haven’t figured out how to do this one though. Any thoughts? Some people say just to eat it off a spoon, but I dunno about that. Some people spread it on toast. I don’t eat toast. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Yoga. Yeah, yoga. I am committed to beginning a serious practice once everyone is back at school and work. I just can’t really relax when all the menfolk are in the house. It’s just me. I know they are there and I just can’t relax completely. They are always coming in, making noise, doing yoga next to me (TLO is good for that), or just….wanting stuff from me!!! Such is the mama’s life.

So moving forward, thinking and reflecting on the year past and the one coming up. Looking good for me. I may have been diagnosed with chronic incurable illness, but I think knowledge is power and things can only get better for me in 2011. I’m definitely focusing on health and even spirituality. Yes, PD is going all hippy-dippy. Nah….I’ve been reading about buddhism for a while, it’s become a hobby sort of. I’m feeling the urge to start dipping my toe in the water, so to speak. I mean, at what point do I stop reading and admiring, and start doing the work? I think 2011 may be the year. I have lost focus on my beloved “play time” and I want it back. I’m thinking hula hoop. I’m thinking hopscotch. I’m thinking knitting. I’m thinking sewing. I’m thinking fun!!!

4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. My eyes welled up w tears when I read: “oranges from babcia” When we lived in Poland, we always had oranges under the tree as gifts. Oh wow. Makes me miss my family back “home”. Thanks for your sweet line!

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