Santa Came!

Christmas. It was so fun and the kids got those big goofy eyes when they saw exactly how much was under the tree. Mr. Dawn and I were kinda freaking out at how much was there. We had lost track a little, I suppose.

The highlights: T-LO’s accordion (so cute!!)

Tea time with Cap’n J and his pet koala. I believe he’s drinking Sleepytime Vanilla. Yum.

So proud. J put together his Lego thingy that had 381 pieces all by himself. I said to him, “You really gonna do that by yourself??” and he replied, “Well, I gotta grow up sometime, Mom.” *sniff sniff*

T-LO is in love with Super Grover, and I’d had an old red T-shirt to make a cape to turn regular Grover into his alter ego. Well, it only took me like 6 months to get to it, then maybe 3 minutes to cut out and attach velcro to the cape. I had to make a bigger version immediately after for J’s bigger Grover. They were flying Super Grovers all over the house.

And finally…here’s me opening my amber bottles with stopper caps for bottling my kombucha! No, I’m not really that big, I’m wearing an XXL hoodie sweatshirt. But still, I look huuuuuge!!!

What else did Santa bring….oh, some new ceramic knives, a video game (Fable), two board games (Bezzerwizzer and Carcassonne), my GPS (squeeee!), 2 craft books (one on Guerrilla art and one with Day of the Dead crafts), a Tim Burton poetry book, shooting glasses (smoke tint, I look like Terminator!), and….I think that’s it. Whew. I got a lot. Oh so grateful. My stocking usually has chocolate, but I hinted to a certain man that maybe some jerky might be in order. Sure enough, my stocking had jerky and no candy this year! The boys didn’t get any candy either. Yay!

We are under a blizzard warning here in NY. We are set to get anywhere between 10-16 inches of snow! This is a great time to hunker down, play games, read, cook, and drink tea, lots of tea.

I am still learning what is okay to eat and what is not so okay. I woke at 3 this morning with abdominal pain, and have spent most of the morning traveling between the couch and the bathroom. I think two things may have played a role. I had a salad last night as a main dish (taco salad…mmm), and I think the fiber was not digested well, and I had 3 snack size pieces of candy from the boys’ stash. I am avoiding most sugar other than honey in my baked goods and tea, and I think it was too much for my system. Lesson learned. Painfully, unfortunately.

I think there is a grieving process when you learn you have a chronic, incurable condition. I find myself freaking a little at the “foreverness” of it all. I can’t eat like other people. I always followed a pretty strict diet, but I could always stray and, other than feeling a little crummy or guilty if it was junk, I was fine. Now, my body physically cannot handle certain foods. That makes me sad. But I’m reading and researching and learning and hopeful that things will get better. But hey, another comforting thought I have: Things could always be worse. I spent a Christmas in the hospital two years ago. That sucked. To have two small boys and not be home. So yeah, it could be worse.


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