School’s Out!!!

Hip hip hooray!!! I just right in the last 10 minutes finished the Fall 2010 semester!!!! Whoopity dooo!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way…..

I’m looking into making sauerkraut. Why, you may ask? I have been doing some reading and it turns out homemade raw fermented sauerkraut has all sorts of good bacteria for your guts! However, these fancy schmancy handmade crocks I’m seeing online are mucho dinero. We’re talking well over 100 bucks for the smallest one. I’ve found a much uglier, however utilitarian one using something resembling a giant pickle jar and a weird valve cappy thingy for waaaay cheaper. I must mull this over. I need to remember that in most cases, cheaping out is not the way to go. The reviews look promising though. I may try the cheaper one and if I like it, graduate and invest in the prettier one. Stay tuned.

Okay, the bread. The bread. The bread. It was…..pretty good! It has a texture more like, I don’t know, almost cornbready, do you know what I mean?? I didn’t add the arrowroot, though, so that may have made a difference. I didn’t have any. I slathered it with cream cheese (which I’ve discovered is not so good for me insides) and sliced cucumber for a faaahncy cucumber sandwich. I did leave the crusts on though. I could see this being useful for those random “OhmygodIneedbreadorsomethingrightnoworsomeonewillgethurt” moments. Like a burger or some sort of meat sammy. Although, I don’t have a lot of those moments anymore. I do have homicidal tendencies when it comes to bagels, though. The flavor was good, both the boys tried it with peanut butter and jelly. It got mixed reviews. Not a rave, but they ate it. So I’m thinking if I serve it a few more times they may like it more. Maybe with a grilled cheese??

My kombucha brewing is going very well. I make a batch a week. I’m looking for another jar, though, as the amount I get doesn’t last til the next batch is ready. I know, I have a problem. It looks really weird and I like having the ugly thing sit on my counter where people, say J’s dad, can go, “What the f— is that???” when they see it. It makes me laugh. They don’t get it and I don’t mind. Like with most things. I try to explain the awesomeness and they just look at me like I’m crazy. I get that when I try to explain geocaching too.

I’m making smoothies and I started doing this cool method of juicing. I call it Juice Packs. I prep everything when I go to juice so that I can have 1 or 2 batches of juice after the initial juicing. I just prep it all and put each batch in it’s own baggie or (lately) glass container. So just scrub and seed or chop or peel extra of your fruits and veggies, and as long as you use them within a day or two, you’re good to go!! This is what it looks like:

Oh, and while we’re at it, I don’t know if I showed you my ‘booch, but here she is!!!

(not the greatest pic, but you  can see to the left my beloved juicer, the Omega!!)

And here’s J with a cache that we tried to find 3 separate times, and needed my super-geocaching maniac friend C to help us with:

And since there’s one of J, we need to show love to TLO (The Little One):

Here we see TLO rockin’ mama’s sunglasses in his tres-badass Batman jammies. Note all mama’s school books piled to the right there….oy. Good riddance! At least for 3 weeks or so 🙂

So that pretty much sums up my life at this particular moment in time. Lots of nutrition, bacteria, yoga, and kids. Good stuff, don’t you think? I’m off to get my yoga on before the kiddos get home.

PD out. Namaste, bitches!!


One thought on “School’s Out!!!

  1. OMG they are so cute. Thank so much for posting. And I love love love the “juice packs” idea! What a great idea, and I think I’m going to steal it instantly!!!

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