18 lbs

That’s how much I’ve lost since May 17th of this year when I started an Excel spreadsheet tracking weight, diet, exercise and such. It is really interesting to note that from the time I started tracking in May to when I started eating Primal on July 9th, I only lost 3 pounds. The other 14 have come off since July. And, I’ll even grant the fact that I’ve been ill and not really eating much lately to another 2 pounds. The weight loss has been slow, that’s for sure. But I can say that even the loss has been relatively stable with either style of eating, I feel so much better eating lower carb, higher protein and fat. I will say it again, I am not hungry all the time and thinking about my next meal. It’s liberating!!!

So even though I get down on myself for being a chubby bunny, I need to remember that this IS working. Slow is better than fast in the weight loss game. And it’s not like things haven’t been complicated when it comes to this bod. I mean, between stints in the hospital for infections and the spectacular blow-out of my left shoulder to “tendinitis” (I put that in quotes because I’ve had 4 diagnoses for this shoulder), I’ve had quite a time keeping to any regular exercise regimen.

I wanted to also share my excitement over supplements. Or, at least my new-found interest in researching things for inflammation and autoimmune disorders. I was at the natural/health food store today, and I asked the lady restocking the vitamins and stuff if she knew anything about A: inflammation, and B: immune system support/boosters. She seemed excited to talk to me and pointed me to two things: turmeric and a healing mushroom supplement. The mushroom supplement was supposedly awesome for the immune system, but it was pretty expensive, so I shelved it until I can get more information. I did walk away with some turmeric tablets though. I’m supposed to take them 3 times a day. Since I’ve been home from the hospital, I’ve had yucky joint pain and puffiness in my hands when I wake. Every day. I’m assuming this is inflammation, and I hope that the turmeric helps. We’ll see. I’m a little bit skeptical, but hopeful nonetheless. I told the woman that the mushroom tabs were a little pricey and I’d need to do my homework. She totally understood and told me to look up healing mushrooms. We’ll see. I do like turmeric and have it in my spice rack, but I think these tabs have quite a bit more than I could eat in a serving. I like curry, and it’s in most curry blends.

Basically, I wanted to do another post today just to discuss progress and whatnot. It’s great to get perspective on things, and looking at my spreadsheet (“The Dawn Project”!!) really helped to see how far I’ve really come. Onward and downward!! Weightwise, I mean. Everything else: Onward and Upward!!!


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