Just A Quickie

I have to get to my next to last final here, but I wanted to say hi and let you know I was still alive.

Things that have made my heart happy recently:

–Playing Just Dance on the Wii with J….so silly and fun!

–Getting a Christmas card from a new friend, totally unexpected, although now I feel guilty for skipping cards this year.

–Art class. Today was the last day and I will miss it.

–Yoga. There. I said it. I did it and it hurt and I sucked, but it was good for my soul. I did about 20 minutes yesterday and thought I was going to break something. Little did I know, but Sie was unleashing her inner yogi as well!

–Pleads for extra huggles and kisses at bedtime from TLO 🙂 Always a plus in my book!


So school is almost over. Well, until next semester, but I have a break of about 4 weeks. And oh, the plans I have! Yoga, sewing, catching up on reading….

I’ve made a big decision that really stinks but needed to be made. I have to give up my beloved boxing. For now. I keep telling myself it’s just for now. With my health issues lately, and trying to do yoga and the C25K, there’s just no room with school and family to do it, and I’m paying for it but not going. I WILL get back to it, and I’m at least hoping to maybe hook up a heavy bag and some equipment here at home. But I’m a grown up, and sometimes I have to act responsible and do what needs to be done. *Insert sad, dejected face here* I do want to focus on yoga and running now. So that’s what I will do.


One thought on “Just A Quickie

  1. Oh my yes, starting yoga hurts. But in a good way. My poor muscles are so tight! I really love it though, and I am getting ready to do my yoga for today. I see my inflexibility and tight muscles as a sign I really NEED to keep doing this. My poor body has never learned to relax from all my stress. For health and peace of mind, yoga seems to be thing for me.

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