The Red Red Robin…

Goes bob, bob, bobbin’ along…..

That’s me. I’m the red red robin. I’m moving forward. Right now, I’m feeling like I need to reassess and set some clear plans or goals. However, I’m in such a tizzy with the holidays and my health and school, let alone being super-mama and less-than-super-wifey-to-be. Yes, unfortunately, Mr. Dawn has suffered the most in all this and it’s not really fair. But it is what it is and all I can do is try to do better, right? I’m Snappy McSnapperson to him a lot and I try to take it back by apologizing, but I really shouldn’t do it in the first place. I’m trying. And apologizing is excruciating for me. I hate to apologize or admit wrongdoing to anyone. That’s one of my (many) issues, I’m afraid.

On a brighter note, I’m pondering exercise again. I plan on going boxing soon and restarting my Couch to 5K program. Again. Again. Again. Diet is still in limbo. I’m finding what works, what doesn’t. I don’t have much to say about it yet, because it’s still so new and awkward. I did discover that potatoes are out. I ate some and then my tummy was all gross for hours after. I have no problem with meat, and I’m eating a lot of lean ground beef patties and chicken breast. I’ve been advised to do low-residue and low-fiber for now to avoid stressing my intestines. Weird, I never thought I’d be told NOT to eat my veggies! I juice them or cook them well and it seems fine so far.

I’m so excited for the holidays. I got J the coolest stuff! Mr. Dawn and I love to get things that may not be on the wish list, but that we think will allow for discovery and creativity. Some of the things we got: a science experiment book, a microscope, a solar-powered grasshopper kit, stuffed red and white blood cells, some board games….so many things to keep them thinking and exploring! J’s dad is always good for the stuff on the list. We got a few things he asked for. We don’t get the glory of the whole “Oh my gosh it’s just what I wanted!!! Squeee!!” reaction, but not guts, no glory, right? I find that long after the glitz and glamour of the latest trendy toy has worn off, the scientific, creative toys are going the distance. And yes, J has all the usual things that the kids have, a video game system, the action figures, blah blah blah…..but we like to provide out-of-the-ordinary stuff. The Little One doesn’t really know how to ask for things, but we got things we think he’ll love as well. Of course, along with some new Sesame Street friends (Big Bird and Oscar), we got an accordion!! His occupational therapist put that bug in my ear. She called me the other day saying how much TLO LOVED the accordion and how good it was for his upper body strength and coordination. I thought it was a fantastic idea. He’s so musical. We also got him a super cool stomp rocket. It’s a rocket that launches when you jump on the launching pad! Great big body movement and exercise! Of course, we’ll need back-up rockets for all the ones that I’m sure are going to fly over to the neighbor’s yard…..

I don’t think I’ll have anything left to get them for their birthdays next month!!

How about you? What gifts are you excited to see loved ones open? Who is toughest to buy for (for me it’s Mr. Dawn, he wants for nothing and everything he wants, he gets, or it’s out of my price range!!)?? What’s on your list? For me, I already got my nook, and I know Santa’s bringing me a GPS for geocaching, and possibly some new video games or shooting goggles or earmuffs to save my hearing. Guns are hella loud!! Hmmm…hella…nobody says that anymore, do they? Well, I just did. And I regret nothing!!!

One thought on “The Red Red Robin…

  1. The problem with vegetables is insoluble fiber. My husband don’t do will with that type of fiber either. They key is to get SOLUBLE fiber. That way your guts can still move the food along easily (you avoid being (backed-up” and irritated by the insoluble fiber).

    Also, he has found a low sugar diet makes a big difference too. Like really low though (<50/day), but if you are in remission you may be able to get away with a little more.

    Maybe these tips can help you, every one is different, but these seem to be common tips and work for a lot of people. It's taken us years to find a diet connection to his symptoms and relapses….

    Hope you feel better!

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