Oh geez….

I just got discharged from the hospital. I think that makes 3 or 4 times this year that I’ve been hospitalized. I went for abdominal pain and what seemed to be constipation or something. I’ve never had problems in that area, so it was new for me to say “constipated”. I never was before. But what started a week before as what felt like gas pains turned into cramps or spasms so bad I had to hold on to something to keep upright.

I got a CAT scan that showed a small infection in my colon, and what they called sigmoid colitis. This changed yesterday to possible Crohn’s disease. I was put on clear fluids only, after a period of around 34 hours where I was allowed nothing by mouth, not even ice chips. Then I was upgraded to full liquids. I had IV antibiotics and fluid and got to watch all the VH1 reality shows I could stand (we don’t have cable, so it was an indulgence).

I haven’t really processed it. It’s kinda devastating. I try to never play the victim, but I will admit I was feeling pretty victimized by this bod. Then I pulled myself together, started researching and learning. I even picked up a book on the way home from the hospital. I know there is a connection here with all of my infection and joint problems. I just know it. I have decided I’m not going to sit by and let the doctors just treat my symptoms, when I know I’ll be back in a few months. I have an appointment with my primary care doctor next week, and I plan on showing him everything I’ve learned or found. I also want a gastro and either immunologist or rheumatologist referral. I am also planning on finding an alternative/naturopathic/holistic doctor to get on board with my treatment. I need someone who’s willing to play ball with the other doctors though. I will not just sit by and suffer.

I would also like to say, for those who may be wondering, that eating primal did not cause this. As a matter of fact, aside from a few items, the diet for people with bowel disease is very very similar to primal. As far as we know, nothing actually causes Crohn’s disease.

As for the here and now: I’ve got so much schoolwork to do and finals to study for. I am also on a soft food/liquid diet until my gut calms down. I made a yummy cream of broccoli soup tonight. I am planning on juicing a lot more and having green smoothies every day for now.

So that’s where this Primal Dawn is at this moment in time. Where you at?

Oh!! I also wanna give my girl Ag a shout out. She has a wonderful boyfriend in her life that she’s just moved in with, and….the part I absolutely get a kick out of….he has a little girl!!! I have enjoyed reading their adventures and Ag is a wonderful mom-type-figure too! And….she’s the same age as J! Her blog is bursting with happiness every day, and it’s nice to read. I’ve been reading since day one and I’m anxious to see what direction the blog takes now. Cuz you know we all gotta talk about our kids!!!




One thought on “Oh geez….

  1. You made me cry!!! Thanks for the LOVE. I just read your post to A. I’m thinking of you and I’m so glad you are looking at all possible ways to get back to the perfect health you and your family deserves!!! You rock.

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