School is crazy! I have to get to the math center today cuz my brain is just not getting the financial equations we are doing right now in precalculus. It is such a hit to my ego to not be good at something right away. I know it’s a life lesson and that these things are actually good for me, but damn if it doesn’t suck!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: growth hurts. I’ll just keep focus on the beautiful blossom I’m becoming.

Everything is peaking right now, snowballing. I have a test tonight, study for bio exam, then another two tests tomorrow!! I’m trying to remain calm, but I’m kinda freaking a little.

Food last night was awesome. A bacon, cheddar, and onion crustless quiche, and broccoli with garlic and olive oil (and a little red pepper flake for fun). Again, no counts for you. Just bear with me. I can resume numbers again probably Wednesday.

Boxing. What can I say? Loved it so hard! However, I’m feeling a little weird about the women in the class. They seem to be just there for fitness, but (to me) it seems like a lot of them are phoning it in. We are paying for this, people! Step it up!! I see a lot of half-assed squats and stuff. I got in the ring with a woman for some light sparring. She kept stopping and was trying to chat with me. I was polite, but I really didn’t feel like it was challenging or that I learned anything about my technique. Then the next round, the instructor sent the woman in with an older woman, and I just heard them chit-chatting away the whole 2 or 3 rounds. It seems like the men in the class are a little more serious, and I “get” it. It’s nature, I think. But I think I may ask the instructor if I can spar with a guy next time. I hate to be “that” woman, but I am paying for this and I just don’t think I’m getting enough from the women. All that aside, I’m pleasantly sore today, and am going back for more this morning. Yay!!! Again, I can’t say enough about boxing for women. Very very empowering and makes you feel like you are unstoppable. And that is an awesome feeling. If you can start your day with a dose of that each and every day, you will be a force to be reckoned with. I promise!

Make it a great day, loverlies! That’s all I got! PD out!


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