I got my freshy fresh ink today! I love it so hard. It came out really nice:

It’s an atom. Specifically an atom with 3 electrons. The nucleus would be moi, hence the nifty headgear;) The electrons represent my two boys, the purple ones, purple being the color of royalty, as they are the heirs to the PD empire. The green represents a certain man in my life. Okay, it’s Mr. Dawn, you figured me out. Not much mystery there. His favorite color is green, and I love the combination of green and purple, so it worked. We can all see the meaning here, you know, the electrons orbiting a central body….however, can you guess what atom has 3, and only 3, electrons? Give up?? It’s lithium. When I found this out, I actually laughed out loud. Lithium is used as a mood stabilizer in bipolar patients. It’s the only heavy metal that is not toxic to humans, I believe. It’s my most personally meaningful tattoo and it’s loverly. My artist wants to add some stuff, but I’ll go back later to see what he’s thinking. He was talking about adding more depth and movement by adding a background or something. We’ll see.

I forgot to mention the results of The Little One’s eye doctor visit. He has astigmatism and it’s worse than it was last year. The doctor wants to see him in 6 months to see if it’s corrected itself. If it hasn’t, though, he’ll get some nifty spectacles. He’ll be so cute!! I seriously doubt it’s going to be better in May, but I hope so, why not? I want to get him some hipster frames. You know, to wear ironically. As in, I’m so far above and beyond your hipster ways, I sport these frames to mock you and your bourgeois ways. Ha! I kid….

I box tomorrow. Yay!! I am really looking forward to punching  Mr. Dawn’s face, my geography teacher, logarithms the heavy bag. I have some things to work out. All will be right with the world once I slip off the gloves, unwrap my hands, wipe my brow, and slump to the car for the drive home.

Food for today:

-2 mugs coffee with half and half, no sugar

-one big bowl of chili, with ground beef, no beans, with cheddar, a dollop of sour cream, and hot sauce!!

-lots of water

-1 mug Earl Grey with half and half and a teaspoon of honey

Wow. I just now, as I typed that, realized how little I’ve eaten today. I’m gonna go snack on some walnuts and maybe some plain yogurt with a drizzle of organic honey. Mmmmm…..

I started my kombucha this morning. Should be ready by next weekend if all goes well. This is what it looks like:

See the SCOBY on the bottom? It’s kinda freaky/alienesque. Oh, and to the left is my gorgeous juicer (without it’s top piece), the Omega!! I think I’m gonna kick off my day with some green juice tomorrow. Yes. That sounds nice.

Wishing you a great night, and an awesome sauce kinda day tomorrow!!!



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