I See You Geocache!!!

I made a new friend! She’s one of my lab partners, but Tuesday she popped the question….”Are you on facebook?” We exchanged names, I looked her up and we’re fb friends. I was checking her deets, and I saw that we share an interest: geocaching!!! I was freaking out, because nobody really knows what it is, and when I try to explain they look at me like I’m crazy. Which I totally am, but not because I geocache! So I start texting her, and come to find out she has found over 500 caches. I am such a rookie. I suck compared to her geocaching awesomeness! She even belongs to a club/group thing. She invited me to a night hike to find a special cache only available at night. Alas, I cannot go. It’s Saturday, and I am being crushed under the weight of academia. I have art tomorrow, 2 homework assignments due Sunday, a precal test Monday, and a bio exam Tuesday. I have lots o’ studying to do. But still. I have a lot in common with this girl. It’s kinda neat-o.

So what’s happening at Casa De PD? Lots. Aside from the aforementioned school junk, we are prepping for the holiday streak here. We have Mr. Dawn’s birthday to kick it off, then Turkey Day, then Christmas, New Year’s, and finally to cap it off (as if we haven’t had enough!), the boys’ birthdays! Then I go hibernate til spring. We have decided on a Day of the Dead-themed tree. I’m loving it. I ordered 3 different sets of ornaments from Etsy today. We also went shopping for our Salvation Army Angel. We picked up the clothing he asked for: a shirt, pajamas, and a sweater. I’m going to take J out to help pick out the two toys he wanted.

And I got a new toy today. What is it? A brand spanking new-to-me Mosin Nagant 91-30. That would be  rifle to you laywomen. Specifically, a rifle used by snipers (most of whom happened to be women) in Russia during ww2. I am planning on taking a marksmanship course soon. The new friend? She likes to shoot too. She turned me on to this special seminar going on over here in my corner. So Mr. Dawn took me to my first gun shop. I thought it’d be these gun-nuts who’d not pay me any attention, or even scorn me. It was so not like that! There was the owner, an employee guy, and this old guy, Jerry, behind the counter. Jerry was cool. He was regaling me with stories of these guys that go to these western shooting event-thingys, and they make up cool cowboy nicknames and dress up and stuff. Then the employee guy (I never got his name), tried to warn me about the kick of the rifle we got. I said, “I’m not a foo-foo girly-girl. I can take it.” He thought that was pretty funny. I did not:) Nah, it was kinda funny. Then Mr. Dawn piped up, “She might even like it!” Ha. Ha. He’s a comedian, my guy. So anyway, I gots me a gun.

So, onto foodie loveliness:

I have been eating well every day. I’m noticing I seem to not eat during the day much. I eat a nice dinner at around 6, then that is it. But what’s cool is that, as long as what I’m eating is okay as far as primalness goes, I don’t fret about calories too much. I mean, I’m not really eating during the day, so the meal is the bulk of my calories. I’m still coming in anywhere from 1200-1700 every day.

Today, Mr. Dawn took me out for brekkie. I had an omelette with lots of meat and cheese (oh and some veggies!) and coffee. No toast.

Then dinner was some roasted chicken (I love the crispy skin!), and a salad. Yum.

I don’t have the numbers today. Don’t hold your breath or anything.

OH!!! I almost forgot! I’m addicted to kombucha. For reals. I have a weekly appointment in a certain town near me, and every week I hit the natural foods store and stock up. Now….drum roll please….I’m attempting my first homemade batch of kombucha! I ordered a SCOBY from my girl over at Wilderness Childe, and it arrived safely the other day. I’ve brewed the organic green tea, and now tomorrow morning, when it’s all cooled, I’ll gently put her (that’s what I call my SCOBY, she’s a mother after all) in her new home so she can give life to my plain old tea. I’m super-duper excited. Stay tuned, lovelies, it could be amusing, to say the least!

Sunday is my plan for resuming punching things really really hard. Or boxing. Whatever. I’m also excited for that. Lots of exciting things going on over here.

I’m getting a new tattoo tomorrow at 2. I’m also very excited about that. I have designed possibly the coolest, most meaningful tattoo EVER. No really. When you see it, you won’t get it, but when I explain its deep hidden inner meaning, you’ll be in awe. Total, complete awe. And that’s what’s so cool about it. At first glance, it won’t seem to mean much, but it has tons of meaning to me. I love it so hard. And the artist is really nice. I got warm fuzzies from him. He was friendly and we had a nice back and forth and he seemed into the work. Again, stay tuned.

So…lots of fun stuff going on over here. Keep coming back, you 3 or 4 peeps that read this blog:)

I didn’t even get into the alleged vacation. I don’t know who’s vacation it was supposed to be, but it certainly was not mine. Next time, lovelies, next time.


One thought on “I See You Geocache!!!

  1. Whoo hoo. So much to comment on, not sure where to start! It’s always great to make a new friend! Love it. And looking forward to the self made kombucha review. Happy B-DAY to big man & the lil mans! 🙂

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