Food, Glorious Food!!!

I seem to recall a commercial a long time ago with a song that had those lyrics……..

Anyway, I have some yummy foodie goodness here. Have I told you all about the new obsession here at Casa de PD? Colcannon. It’s so easy and so delicious, you’ll be licking the bowl! Basically it’s mashed potatoes with sauteed onions and cabbage added. I have to Dawny it up though, so I fry bacon, then fry my onions, cabbage, and a little kale in the bacon fat, then crumble bacon, and add the whole lot to your mashed taters (which have butter and heavy cream, right?…right???). We sometimes add some shredded cheddar to the top also. Very decadent, no? I find that even with being primal, I avoid potatoes for the most part, but I do enjoy them a few times a month. I just keep the rest of the carbs lower for the day.

So, what did I eat yesterday?

-2 big mugs o’ java with half and half, no sugar

-about 7 ounces (raw weight) steamed shrimp with spicy mayo

-bowl and a half of colcannon

-1 fun-size Kit Kat bar and Almond Joy (also fun-size), swiped from the boys’ Halloween candy!!! Eek!!

This puts me at 1250 calories, ratios are P: 26% C: 25% F: 49%

I think that’s just fine, don’t you?

Oh, and I’ve added a new vitamin supplement. It’s a liquid thingy I found at GNC. I’m always experimenting with my vitamins. I just use them as insurance, really. I like to try to get my nutrition from my food. This one is kinda cool, it’s got amino acids, some spirulina, aloe, trace minerals, and other good stuff. It’s kinda weird tasting, it claims to be cherry flavored, but that’s a stretch, really. I mix it with some cold filtered water and chug-a-lug down the hatch baby!!

And you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s snowing here this morning. Yeah. I know. Winter seems to be rushing in. That bitch. I hate winter. I hate summer. I’m a middle-ground girl. I love fall the best! Halloween, turkey day, all the beautiful colors. But, given the choice between summer or winter, I’ll choose winter any day. I like staying cozy inside with my tea and books and playing with the boys…..good stuff.

So I’ll be off until Monday or so. I’ve got to get us ready for our little trip to Florida. Lots of planning to do with two boys, you know. I’ll see all my lovelies when I get back!!! Viva la vacation!!!



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