As in, I don’t really have a focus going into this post.

Let’s start with eating. I have switched back to my good ole CRON-o-meter for logging food. The other site I was using had no setting for inputting your own food. And I needed that today. We went to Friendly’s for our monthly FNO—Family Night Out. Awww yeah! So I had the nutrition info from their site, but then I couldn’t enter it into the food log, so I just went back to my old stand-by. A timeless classic, if you will. And don’t even ask what I ate. You don’t wanna know! It was good, though. I stayed on track for our last FNO, but this one, for whatever reason, I just said, “Whatev.” I’m allowed. And so are you, if you choose. We’re all grown-ups here. I have been staying pretty much on track, with some highs and lows here and there, but I’m satisfied for now. There’s always things to work on. A work in progress, right?

I haven’t been exercising as I should, though, and I’m going to focus on that next. The tracking goal is going well, so I feel ready to move on to another goal. As with everything in my life these days though, it’s complicated. We are leaving Thursday for Florida to visit Mr. Dawn’s parents (Babcia and Dziadzio to my kids), and we’ll be back on Monday. SO….I am putting off beginning until then. Pinky swear!! Then it’s boxing 3 days a week, and C25K (*sigh*…again…I know I know, I’m a slacker!!).

After 2 Ds and one barely-a-C, I finally scored a B on a precal exam!!! I refuse to let this get to me. If I turn it around now, I can still scrape up a low B, I’m thinking. I got up early on Friday and drug my butt to the math learning center on campus. I was there from 9:30 until 1pm. Then I got home and continued to do precalculus until around 4:30. I’m not kidding people! I’m not messing around. We get two attempts at the exams (online class), so I’m going to take my second stab tomorrow. Hey, if I can improve my grade, why not? Although I’m super-excited about my B.

The Little One has an eye doctor appointment Monday. He goes every year and has been fine, but the teachers have noticed him squinting and putting his face really close to things. So I won’t be surprised if we have to get some glasses. I’ve had my glasses since 2nd grade. Yup. The first eye doctor thought it’d be brilliant to give a little 2nd grade girl bifocals. Bifocals!! I nearly killed myself every time I tried to go down the stairs! The next eye doc got rid of them, thank goodness. I’m also the only one in my family that needs them…there’s your Primal Dawn factoid of the day for ya!

And to end this post on an uber-happy note (“uber” bloggy luv to my girl Ag!): I just got an early Christmas present from Mr. Dawn: A 3G Wifi Nook eReader!!! I’m so excited! Our library has tons of free downloads from their site, and I don’t have to worry about getting carried away and needing my own personal wing of our castle for a library of my own! Although, that would still be pretty cool. Books are awesome.

I also want to give a shout-out to Sie at Immortal Plan. She has a great post up about being vegan and proud, but not all Judgy McJudgerson about it. Love it so very much! I am so proud to be part of this little corner of the interwebs where this wonderful group of women can come together and be so supportive of each other, despite our differences, dietary or whatever. We are all on our own paths here, and it’s nice to feel respect and love for just being ourselves, flaws and all. I hope we can all be an example to other women out there. I am a proud meat-eater, and I totally “get” and respect my herbivorous soul sisters!!!

Okay, I need a moment.


3 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. Hola, thanks for the shout out. During my non-vegan days after my 1st round of veganism, I went though a lot of different perspectives on diet. Also, my abrupt change in perspective was humbling, so I am not about to judge anyone because odds are I agreed with them at one point. I also learned that I am not disrespecting anyone by being proud of what I believe in. So, I’ve arrived at what I consider a healthy new perspective of not only self respect, but respect for others with different dietary persuasions.

    Thanks for “getting” it! 😀

  2. First and foremost – I have two Babcias, and a Dziadzia! And Ciocia and Wujek!!! Love that Mr.Dawn is POLISH. It’s fun & delicious 🙂 Have fun in Florida. On second note, how very true. My dietary theories switch all of the time. At the end of the day – I feel best when I just eat less. I wish I could be RAW VEGAN, but I think that’s a work in progress, as you say 🙂 Love all the support!!! You and Sie, and all women ROCK!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I also tend to think, after much research on nutrition and diet, that you can find theories and science to support anything pretty much. I mean, it can make your head spin! In the end it’s about what works for you alone.

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