Apparently, I Don’t Count

At least, according to my biology professor. I got a 94 on our first lab practical exam. So we were going over a few things, and as he was explaining something to us, I forget the actual question I asked, but I do recall that he was teasing me about my high score by saying, “You don’t count!!” Ha. Ha. It was all in good fun. Have I mentioned how freaking nutty I am about biology? I swear, I have moments where I’m just crapping over the fact that I didn’t discover this knack/passion until now. At 35. But, whatever, I can turn it around just as easily by saying I was out doing all sorts of other things in life. Like making people:)

So riding the high note of biology excellence, let’s dig in to what I ingested today.

Calories: 817

Wow. Way low. But I’m not really hungry, so it’s okay, I guess. I do have a cold right now.

Ratios: P 20% F 70% C 10%

That looks really good, except methinks getting 70 percent of my 817 calories is a little whackadoodle. Oh well, there’s no going back and fixing it right now. It’s 10 at night. I’ll just aim for better tomorrow. It just occurred to me that the salmon may have been at fault. It’s a very fatty fish, and I only had about a TB of oil for my eggplant, and a little from the 2 ounces or so of ground beef in my chili.

-I had 2 large mugs of coffee with half and half no sugar before class this morning.

-Felt peckish around 4, after I got done voting. Hey, did you get out and vote today? I hope so, you have nothing to complain about if you don’t have a say-so in what goes down. I even brought J, he got to go twice, lucky duck, once with Mr. Dawn, then with me. We had a nice little discussion about voting and democracy and how when he turns 18 we’ll go vote together. I digress….I had about 3/4 of a cup of leftover beef chili. Mmmm.

-Had salmon and sauteed Japanese eggplant for dinner. Japanese eggplant is super easy. Slice thin, heat up some oil, throw in a little (or a lot) of fresh garlic, saute that a little (don’t burn!!!), toss in the eggplant, little salt, little red pepper flakes, and saute til crispy-ish. So. Damn. Tasty. They do tend to suck up a lot of the oil, though, so all you low-fatties need to watch that! I baked the salmon and slapped a little bottled jerk paste on my portion (the family doesn’t like it so hot).

Speaking of teachable moments….nice segue, right?? (see above portion on voting and J)……

We are sponsoring a child through the Salvation Army Angel program this year for Christmas. You can choose your gender and age-range. I want to involve J, so I think we’ll go with a boy around his age. Then he can help me pick out one toy and one necessity for the child. I have a friend who has a friend who is gathering for the program. My friend did it last year and said the kid she sponsored asked for socks. Socks?? Let me tell you, my kids can not relate to that. But you know something? I’ll tell you a secret….come closer….okay, not so close, gimme some space!!!…..when I was a kid growing up in my single-mama home, we had several years where we had sponsors for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One year, I remember getting a whole Thanksgiving dinner from one family! And Christmas would have been really bare were it not for some kind souls who wanted me and my younger brother (and my mom) to have a nice holiday. Like kids should have. And their moms. I always give food during the food drives at the kids’ schools and I donate all our clothing after The Little One is done with it. It doesn’t take so much money, and it means the world to someone else.

So think about it and do what you can this year. Whatever your religion. I’m currently grooving to Zen Buddhism. How about you?


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