Hello hello! I’m sick! Yay! Okay, not yay, but I’m trying to be positive, you know.

Let’s break it down for today:

Calories: 1966

Ratios: P 16% F 55% C 29%

I don’t want to share what I ate, because I justified going off-plan because I wasn’t feeling well. I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. I knew I was doing it as I did it. My numbers and ratios may be okay, but my food definitely was not. But what do we do when we do this? Keep moving forward. I strayed for lunch, but I didn’t at dinner. It’s not a total loss. Nothing ever is. As long as we learn something, than nothing is ever a complete failure.

Funny. I may sound very confident when I spit these things out, but trust me, I’m not at all that confident. You know what keeps me going? I very simply refuse to just roll over and play dead for the rest of my life. It may be a character flaw, but it is also a strength. When something gets at me, I get pissed, then I pull myself together and use that anger to completely annihilate and conquer whatever it is that had the best of me. It’s not the same as losing one’s temper and freaking out. It’s more like taking that anger and focusing it. It changes it. I use the word “punk” a lot. Probably too much. But that’s the idea. I’m not going to let something punk me. And neither should any of you.

Wow, I feel a lot closer to you all. Thanks for letting me get all self-helpy on you.



2 thoughts on “Trackalackah

  1. This post is very motivating. Love the “always keep going” attitude! Whoo hoo. BTW – I borrowed your Excellence Is A Habit, quote. TY for sharing it!

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