School is crazy! I have to get to the math center today cuz my brain is just not getting the financial equations we are doing right now in precalculus. It is such a hit to my ego to not be good at something right away. I know it’s a life lesson and that these things are actually good for me, but damn if it doesn’t suck!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: growth hurts. I’ll just keep focus on the beautiful blossom I’m becoming.

Everything is peaking right now, snowballing. I have a test tonight, study for bio exam, then another two tests tomorrow!! I’m trying to remain calm, but I’m kinda freaking a little.

Food last night was awesome. A bacon, cheddar, and onion crustless quiche, and broccoli with garlic and olive oil (and a little red pepper flake for fun). Again, no counts for you. Just bear with me. I can resume numbers again probably Wednesday.

Boxing. What can I say? Loved it so hard! However, I’m feeling a little weird about the women in the class. They seem to be just there for fitness, but (to me) it seems like a lot of them are phoning it in. We are paying for this, people! Step it up!! I see a lot of half-assed squats and stuff. I got in the ring with a woman for some light sparring. She kept stopping and was trying to chat with me. I was polite, but I really didn’t feel like it was challenging or that I learned anything about my technique. Then the next round, the instructor sent the woman in with an older woman, and I just heard them chit-chatting away the whole 2 or 3 rounds. It seems like the men in the class are a little more serious, and I “get” it. It’s nature, I think. But I think I may ask the instructor if I can spar with a guy next time. I hate to be “that” woman, but I am paying for this and I just don’t think I’m getting enough from the women. All that aside, I’m pleasantly sore today, and am going back for more this morning. Yay!!! Again, I can’t say enough about boxing for women. Very very empowering and makes you feel like you are unstoppable. And that is an awesome feeling. If you can start your day with a dose of that each and every day, you will be a force to be reckoned with. I promise!

Make it a great day, loverlies! That’s all I got! PD out!



I got my freshy fresh ink today! I love it so hard. It came out really nice:

It’s an atom. Specifically an atom with 3 electrons. The nucleus would be moi, hence the nifty headgear;) The electrons represent my two boys, the purple ones, purple being the color of royalty, as they are the heirs to the PD empire. The green represents a certain man in my life. Okay, it’s Mr. Dawn, you figured me out. Not much mystery there. His favorite color is green, and I love the combination of green and purple, so it worked. We can all see the meaning here, you know, the electrons orbiting a central body….however, can you guess what atom has 3, and only 3, electrons? Give up?? It’s lithium. When I found this out, I actually laughed out loud. Lithium is used as a mood stabilizer in bipolar patients. It’s the only heavy metal that is not toxic to humans, I believe. It’s my most personally meaningful tattoo and it’s loverly. My artist wants to add some stuff, but I’ll go back later to see what he’s thinking. He was talking about adding more depth and movement by adding a background or something. We’ll see.

I forgot to mention the results of The Little One’s eye doctor visit. He has astigmatism and it’s worse than it was last year. The doctor wants to see him in 6 months to see if it’s corrected itself. If it hasn’t, though, he’ll get some nifty spectacles. He’ll be so cute!! I seriously doubt it’s going to be better in May, but I hope so, why not? I want to get him some hipster frames. You know, to wear ironically. As in, I’m so far above and beyond your hipster ways, I sport these frames to mock you and your bourgeois ways. Ha! I kid….

I box tomorrow. Yay!! I am really looking forward to punchingĀ  Mr. Dawn’s face, my geography teacher, logarithms the heavy bag. I have some things to work out. All will be right with the world once I slip off the gloves, unwrap my hands, wipe my brow, and slump to the car for the drive home.

Food for today:

-2 mugs coffee with half and half, no sugar

-one big bowl of chili, with ground beef, no beans, with cheddar, a dollop of sour cream, and hot sauce!!

-lots of water

-1 mug Earl Grey with half and half and a teaspoon of honey

Wow. I just now, as I typed that, realized how little I’ve eaten today. I’m gonna go snack on some walnuts and maybe some plain yogurt with a drizzle of organic honey. Mmmmm…..

I started my kombucha this morning. Should be ready by next weekend if all goes well. This is what it looks like:

See the SCOBY on the bottom? It’s kinda freaky/alienesque. Oh, and to the left is my gorgeous juicer (without it’s top piece), the Omega!! I think I’m gonna kick off my day with some green juice tomorrow. Yes. That sounds nice.

Wishing you a great night, and an awesome sauce kinda day tomorrow!!!


I See You Geocache!!!

I made a new friend! She’s one of my lab partners, but Tuesday she popped the question….”Are you on facebook?” We exchanged names, I looked her up and we’re fb friends. I was checking her deets, and I saw that we share an interest: geocaching!!! I was freaking out, because nobody really knows what it is, and when I try to explain they look at me like I’m crazy. Which I totally am, but not because I geocache! So I start texting her, and come to find out she has found over 500 caches. I am such a rookie. I suck compared to her geocaching awesomeness! She even belongs to a club/group thing. She invited me to a night hike to find a special cache only available at night. Alas, I cannot go. It’s Saturday, and I am being crushed under the weight of academia. I have art tomorrow, 2 homework assignments due Sunday, a precal test Monday, and a bio exam Tuesday. I have lots o’ studying to do. But still. I have a lot in common with this girl. It’s kinda neat-o.

So what’s happening at Casa De PD? Lots. Aside from the aforementioned school junk, we are prepping for the holiday streak here. We have Mr. Dawn’s birthday to kick it off, then Turkey Day, then Christmas, New Year’s, and finally to cap it off (as if we haven’t had enough!), the boys’ birthdays! Then I go hibernate til spring. We have decided on a Day of the Dead-themed tree. I’m loving it. I ordered 3 different sets of ornaments from Etsy today. We also went shopping for our Salvation Army Angel. We picked up the clothing he asked for: a shirt, pajamas, and a sweater. I’m going to take J out to help pick out the two toys he wanted.

And I got a new toy today. What is it? A brand spanking new-to-me Mosin Nagant 91-30. That would beĀ  rifle to you laywomen. Specifically, a rifle used by snipers (most of whom happened to be women) in Russia during ww2. I am planning on taking a marksmanship course soon. The new friend? She likes to shoot too. She turned me on to this special seminar going on over here in my corner. So Mr. Dawn took me to my first gun shop. I thought it’d be these gun-nuts who’d not pay me any attention, or even scorn me. It was so not like that! There was the owner, an employee guy, and this old guy, Jerry, behind the counter. Jerry was cool. He was regaling me with stories of these guys that go to these western shooting event-thingys, and they make up cool cowboy nicknames and dress up and stuff. Then the employee guy (I never got his name), tried to warn me about the kick of the rifle we got. I said, “I’m not a foo-foo girly-girl. I can take it.” He thought that was pretty funny. I did not:) Nah, it was kinda funny. Then Mr. Dawn piped up, “She might even like it!” Ha. Ha. He’s a comedian, my guy. So anyway, I gots me a gun.

So, onto foodie loveliness:

I have been eating well every day. I’m noticing I seem to not eat during the day much. I eat a nice dinner at around 6, then that is it. But what’s cool is that, as long as what I’m eating is okay as far as primalness goes, I don’t fret about calories too much. I mean, I’m not really eating during the day, so the meal is the bulk of my calories. I’m still coming in anywhere from 1200-1700 every day.

Today, Mr. Dawn took me out for brekkie. I had an omelette with lots of meat and cheese (oh and some veggies!) and coffee. No toast.

Then dinner was some roasted chicken (I love the crispy skin!), and a salad. Yum.

I don’t have the numbers today. Don’t hold your breath or anything.

OH!!! I almost forgot! I’m addicted to kombucha. For reals. I have a weekly appointment in a certain town near me, and every week I hit the natural foods store and stock up. Now….drum roll please….I’m attempting my first homemade batch of kombucha! I ordered a SCOBY from my girl over at Wilderness Childe, and it arrived safely the other day. I’ve brewed the organic green tea, and now tomorrow morning, when it’s all cooled, I’ll gently put her (that’s what I call my SCOBY, she’s a mother after all) in her new home so she can give life to my plain old tea. I’m super-duper excited. Stay tuned, lovelies, it could be amusing, to say the least!

Sunday is my plan for resuming punching things really really hard. Or boxing. Whatever. I’m also excited for that. Lots of exciting things going on over here.

I’m getting a new tattoo tomorrow at 2. I’m also very excited about that. I have designed possibly the coolest, most meaningful tattoo EVER. No really. When you see it, you won’t get it, but when I explain its deep hidden inner meaning, you’ll be in awe. Total, complete awe. And that’s what’s so cool about it. At first glance, it won’t seem to mean much, but it has tons of meaning to me. I love it so hard. And the artist is really nice. I got warm fuzzies from him. He was friendly and we had a nice back and forth and he seemed into the work. Again, stay tuned.

So…lots of fun stuff going on over here. Keep coming back, you 3 or 4 peeps that read this blog:)

I didn’t even get into the alleged vacation. I don’t know who’s vacation it was supposed to be, but it certainly was not mine. Next time, lovelies, next time.

Food, Glorious Food!!!

I seem to recall a commercial a long time ago with a song that had those lyrics……..

Anyway, I have some yummy foodie goodness here. Have I told you all about the new obsession here at Casa de PD? Colcannon. It’s so easy and so delicious, you’ll be licking the bowl! Basically it’s mashed potatoes with sauteed onions and cabbage added. I have to Dawny it up though, so I fry bacon, then fry my onions, cabbage, and a little kale in the bacon fat, then crumble bacon, and add the whole lot to your mashed taters (which have butter and heavy cream, right?…right???). We sometimes add some shredded cheddar to the top also. Very decadent, no? I find that even with being primal, I avoid potatoes for the most part, but I do enjoy them a few times a month. I just keep the rest of the carbs lower for the day.

So, what did I eat yesterday?

-2 big mugs o’ java with half and half, no sugar

-about 7 ounces (raw weight) steamed shrimp with spicy mayo

-bowl and a half of colcannon

-1 fun-size Kit Kat bar and Almond Joy (also fun-size), swiped from the boys’ Halloween candy!!! Eek!!

This puts me at 1250 calories, ratios are P: 26% C: 25% F: 49%

I think that’s just fine, don’t you?

Oh, and I’ve added a new vitamin supplement. It’s a liquid thingy I found at GNC. I’m always experimenting with my vitamins. I just use them as insurance, really. I like to try to get my nutrition from my food. This one is kinda cool, it’s got amino acids, some spirulina, aloe, trace minerals, and other good stuff. It’s kinda weird tasting, it claims to be cherry flavored, but that’s a stretch, really. I mix it with some cold filtered water and chug-a-lug down the hatch baby!!

And you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s snowing here this morning. Yeah. I know. Winter seems to be rushing in. That bitch. I hate winter. I hate summer. I’m a middle-ground girl. I love fall the best! Halloween, turkey day, all the beautiful colors. But, given the choice between summer or winter, I’ll choose winter any day. I like staying cozy inside with my tea and books and playing with the boys…..good stuff.

So I’ll be off until Monday or so. I’ve got to get us ready for our little trip to Florida. Lots of planning to do with two boys, you know. I’ll see all my lovelies when I get back!!! Viva la vacation!!!



As in, I don’t really have a focus going into this post.

Let’s start with eating. I have switched back to my good ole CRON-o-meter for logging food. The other site I was using had no setting for inputting your own food. And I needed that today. We went to Friendly’s for our monthly FNO—Family Night Out. Awww yeah! So I had the nutrition info from their site, but then I couldn’t enter it into the food log, so I just went back to my old stand-by. A timeless classic, if you will. And don’t even ask what I ate. You don’t wanna know! It was good, though. I stayed on track for our last FNO, but this one, for whatever reason, I just said, “Whatev.” I’m allowed. And so are you, if you choose. We’re all grown-ups here. I have been staying pretty much on track, with some highs and lows here and there, but I’m satisfied for now. There’s always things to work on. A work in progress, right?

I haven’t been exercising as I should, though, and I’m going to focus on that next. The tracking goal is going well, so I feel ready to move on to another goal. As with everything in my life these days though, it’s complicated. We are leaving Thursday for Florida to visit Mr. Dawn’s parents (Babcia and Dziadzio to my kids), and we’ll be back on Monday. SO….I am putting off beginning until then. Pinky swear!! Then it’s boxing 3 days a week, and C25K (*sigh*…again…I know I know, I’m a slacker!!).

After 2 Ds and one barely-a-C, I finally scored a B on a precal exam!!! I refuse to let this get to me. If I turn it around now, I can still scrape up a low B, I’m thinking. I got up early on Friday and drug my butt to the math learning center on campus. I was there from 9:30 until 1pm. Then I got home and continued to do precalculus until around 4:30. I’m not kidding people! I’m not messing around. We get two attempts at the exams (online class), so I’m going to take my second stab tomorrow. Hey, if I can improve my grade, why not? Although I’m super-excited about my B.

The Little One has an eye doctor appointment Monday. He goes every year and has been fine, but the teachers have noticed him squinting and putting his face really close to things. So I won’t be surprised if we have to get some glasses. I’ve had my glasses since 2nd grade. Yup. The first eye doctor thought it’d be brilliant to give a little 2nd grade girl bifocals. Bifocals!! I nearly killed myself every time I tried to go down the stairs! The next eye doc got rid of them, thank goodness. I’m also the only one in my family that needs them…there’s your Primal Dawn factoid of the day for ya!

And to end this post on an uber-happy note (“uber” bloggy luv to my girl Ag!): I just got an early Christmas present from Mr. Dawn: A 3G Wifi Nook eReader!!! I’m so excited! Our library has tons of free downloads from their site, and I don’t have to worry about getting carried away and needing my own personal wing of our castle for a library of my own! Although, that would still be pretty cool. Books are awesome.

I also want to give a shout-out to Sie at Immortal Plan. She has a great post up about being vegan and proud, but not all Judgy McJudgerson about it. Love it so very much! I am so proud to be part of this little corner of the interwebs where this wonderful group of women can come together and be so supportive of each other, despite our differences, dietary or whatever. We are all on our own paths here, and it’s nice to feel respect and love for just being ourselves, flaws and all. I hope we can all be an example to other women out there. I am a proud meat-eater, and I totally “get” and respect my herbivorous soul sisters!!!

Okay, I need a moment.


Apparently, I Don’t Count

At least, according to my biology professor. I got a 94 on our first lab practical exam. So we were going over a few things, and as he was explaining something to us, I forget the actual question I asked, but I do recall that he was teasing me about my high score by saying, “You don’t count!!” Ha. Ha. It was all in good fun. Have I mentioned how freaking nutty I am about biology? I swear, I have moments where I’m just crapping over the fact that I didn’t discover this knack/passion until now. At 35. But, whatever, I can turn it around just as easily by saying I was out doing all sorts of other things in life. Like making people:)

So riding the high note of biology excellence, let’s dig in to what I ingested today.

Calories: 817

Wow. Way low. But I’m not really hungry, so it’s okay, I guess. I do have a cold right now.

Ratios: P 20% F 70% C 10%

That looks really good, except methinks getting 70 percent of my 817 calories is a little whackadoodle. Oh well, there’s no going back and fixing it right now. It’s 10 at night. I’ll just aim for better tomorrow. It just occurred to me that the salmon may have been at fault. It’s a very fatty fish, and I only had about a TB of oil for my eggplant, and a little from the 2 ounces or so of ground beef in my chili.

-I had 2 large mugs of coffee with half and half no sugar before class this morning.

-Felt peckish around 4, after I got done voting. Hey, did you get out and vote today? I hope so, you have nothing to complain about if you don’t have a say-so in what goes down. I even brought J, he got to go twice, lucky duck, once with Mr. Dawn, then with me. We had a nice little discussion about voting and democracy and how when he turns 18 we’ll go vote together. I digress….I had about 3/4 of a cup of leftover beef chili. Mmmm.

-Had salmon and sauteed Japanese eggplant for dinner. Japanese eggplant is super easy. Slice thin, heat up some oil, throw in a little (or a lot) of fresh garlic, saute that a little (don’t burn!!!), toss in the eggplant, little salt, little red pepper flakes, and saute til crispy-ish. So. Damn. Tasty. They do tend to suck up a lot of the oil, though, so all you low-fatties need to watch that! I baked the salmon and slapped a little bottled jerk paste on my portion (the family doesn’t like it so hot).

Speaking of teachable moments….nice segue, right?? (see above portion on voting and J)……

We are sponsoring a child through the Salvation Army Angel program this year for Christmas. You can choose your gender and age-range. I want to involve J, so I think we’ll go with a boy around his age. Then he can help me pick out one toy and one necessity for the child. I have a friend who has a friend who is gathering for the program. My friend did it last year and said the kid she sponsored asked for socks. Socks?? Let me tell you, my kids can not relate to that. But you know something? I’ll tell you a secret….come closer….okay, not so close, gimme some space!!!…..when I was a kid growing up in my single-mama home, we had several years where we had sponsors for Thanksgiving and Christmas. One year, I remember getting a whole Thanksgiving dinner from one family! And Christmas would have been really bare were it not for some kind souls who wanted me and my younger brother (and my mom) to have a nice holiday. Like kids should have. And their moms. I always give food during the food drives at the kids’ schools and I donate all our clothing after The Little One is done with it. It doesn’t take so much money, and it means the world to someone else.

So think about it and do what you can this year. Whatever your religion. I’m currently grooving to Zen Buddhism. How about you?


Hello hello! I’m sick! Yay! Okay, not yay, but I’m trying to be positive, you know.

Let’s break it down for today:

Calories: 1966

Ratios: P 16% F 55% C 29%

I don’t want to share what I ate, because I justified going off-plan because I wasn’t feeling well. I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. I knew I was doing it as I did it. My numbers and ratios may be okay, but my food definitely was not. But what do we do when we do this? Keep moving forward. I strayed for lunch, but I didn’t at dinner. It’s not a total loss. Nothing ever is. As long as we learn something, than nothing is ever a complete failure.

Funny. I may sound very confident when I spit these things out, but trust me, I’m not at all that confident. You know what keeps me going? I very simply refuse to just roll over and play dead for the rest of my life. It may be a character flaw, but it is also a strength. When something gets at me, I get pissed, then I pull myself together and use that anger to completely annihilate and conquer whatever it is that had the best of me. It’s not the same as losing one’s temper and freaking out. It’s more like taking that anger and focusing it. It changes it. I use the word “punk” a lot. Probably too much. But that’s the idea. I’m not going to let something punk me. And neither should any of you.

Wow, I feel a lot closer to you all. Thanks for letting me get all self-helpy on you.