Day 2 Tracking

Hey lovelies! Another great day! I had art this morning, then I came home, did some homework (I kept telling J, “Just pretend I’m not here”, yeah right…), then we had so much fun! We painted pumpkins. The Little One and J got (washable) paint everywhere and I didn’t even mind. Then I showed J what I learned in art: perspective. I showed him how to put the perspective points on the paper, then use the ruler to create 3D stuff. We drew a big cube with square cut-outs and turret/tower things. We were so into it! Then J and I played Uno. J is just like his mama in a lot of ways. He hates hates hates not being #1. I have to admit to being a sore loser. I’ve had to learn to be nice when I’m losing and be gracious when winning. I find both difficult. I’m much better than I used to be, and I probably did exactly what J did today when I was 7. He had a huge freaking meltdown when he wasn’t winning (he’d won the last 3 times, the stinker!). What was kinda cute though, yet pathetic, was that I kept asking him if he wanted to keep playing and he’d answer, through tears, “Yes!!!”.

Dinner was fun too. Somehow the idea popped into my head on the drive home after art: Candlelight dinner! So we turned off the tv (which is always on at night) and all the lights (except for the super-creepy spider lights!), and lit candles and ate dinner by candlelight! Then we put on a spooky Halloween soundtrack and we were set. Then we had another freak-out when J got totally scared from one song and started crying. Poor kid. He’d been very busy all day playing outside and I think by this time he was exhausted. Then The Little One stood up on his chair in the middle of our dark/spooky dinner and announced, “I love this dinner, mama!!!” So cute. What was for dinner? Here’s my breakdown of the day:

Calories: 1543 (kinda low!)

Ratios: P 14% F 56% C 30%

I am at 113 grams of carbs today. I did the juice again. I can’t resist. But I was pondering, so I flipped through my PB (Primal Blueprint), and it says that a range of 50-100 is the “sweet spot” for weight loss. So according to that philosophy, I’m okay. A little high, I could lose a cucumber or an apple maybe. But I’m really not gonna sweat it. Again, quality over quantity is my concern.

So what did I eat?

-2 mugs coffee with half and half, no sugar

-the juice: cucumber, 2 apples, ginger, 2 leaves of kale, a lemon

-meatloaf: ground beef, almond and coconut flour to bind, eggs, and spices

-roasted cauliflower with this amazing dijon cream sauce (ahmaga!!!) and toasted hazelnuts—Mr. Dawn doesn’t care for cauliflower but he loves it this way!

-2 Polly O string cheeses….I added these after I saw how low my calories were for the day

-2 big mugs of tea: one earl grey with half and half, and one sleepytime with 1 TB honey

I haven’t actually eaten the cheese or that last mug of tea, but soon.

Things have been very hectic, and I’m seriously chomping at the bit to just do all these fantastic goals I have knocking around in my head. But I have to pace myself. I mean, I’m very busy now and I think that if I try to do everything at once, I will spread myself to thin and benefit no one. So…that being said, I’m just going to keep the focus on the tracking for another 5 days or so here. Then we’ll see where I am and what direction I’m heading and what I want to move forward with next.

With that, I bid you, my lovelies, good night. Sweet dreams and all that!


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