So far, so good. Tracked my coffee and juice today. Oh, the juice. So. Darn. Tasty. I think  I prefer the lemons whole, with the peel on when I toss them in the juicer. I like that essential oil flavor.

So the juice today: 2 ginger gold apples, cored, 1 cucumber, standard with seeds, scrubbed but not peeled, chunk o’ ginger, lemon with peel (just chuck it in, your juicer can take it!), and 2 leaves of kale. The kale was just for nutrition, cuz it don’t taste so nice. I masked it with the sweetness of the apple and the strong flavors of lemon and ginger. Mmmm.

Dinner will be a roasted chicken, with sweet potatoes, turnips, and carrots. Just throwing the hunks of veggies in the pan with the chicken, so they get all the juices from the chicken. Should be a good thing. It’s a nice day to cook with the oven, since our temps finally dropped. It was crazy warm over here the past few days. I was actually going to cook the chicken yesterday, but it was in the 70s, so there was no way I wanted to turn the oven on, especially since I had the windows open already due to the heat blasting from our coal stove.

I’m off to go do mommy stuff. Volunteering every other Friday in J’s class is really fun. I love it. The kids are so cute at this age. Then I have one of those adult toy parties to go to tonight. Should be interesting! Mr. Dawn is fishing this afternoon with a friend. He’s so cute. He calls his buddy and they go on and on about tides and lures and all that fishy-talk. They are like two girlfriends chatting away.

The Little One had a parade at school today. In costume. He’s a super-scary (okay, cute) skeleton this year. It was really really really uber-adorable seeing all the kids. What’s really cute, and sorta pathetic, is seeing when one of the little people is crying or upset with the sad face, and they have the cute costume on. The face doesn’t match the outfit. It’s cute, in a sad way. But The Little One wasn’t sad at all. He stopped at the fence, you know, where all the parents are herded to and ordered to Stay Back, and he saw us and did a little boogey for us. It was so cute and funny.

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