Day 1 Down

Total Calories: 1765

Ratios: Protein=15%, Fat=51%, Carbs=34%

Not so crazy about the level of carbs there, but it’s fully due to the delicious juice. And, as we know with primal eating, it’s not necessarily “low-carb”, but quality of carb. I think for now, as a starting point, it’s good. The fat may look scary, but it’s not. At least not to me. I’ve fully left my “low-fat/no fat” brain in the dust.

I had coffee with half and half (no sugar), “the juice”, roasted chicken and root veggies, and also some leftover chili (straight up, no beans) with cheddar and sour cream. Lots of water, of course, and some herbal tea (SleepyTime) w/ about a TB of honey.

I am planning on beginning full-on workouts Monday. I think it’s enough time for my mouth to heal up a little so I won’t cry like a little girl if I take on on the chin at boxing. Can’t wait to get back into the groove. However long it lasts. Seems like I can’t catch a break with boxing. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Not gonna stop me though!

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