7 Deadly Sins, Day 5

Day 5 – Greed. Seven worldly material desires.

Oh boy…I could have put some of the items on day 1’s list here, but oh well. Somehow, I’m not having an issue with coming up with material things I want! Go figure.

1-      A new car. Specifically, a 2008-11 VW GTI sedan (4 doors), base with a sunroof, or…a Jeep Wrangler, 1995-2003ish. Automatic transmission, unfortunately. This girl grew up with stick-shifts, now I have to give them up due to my shoulder issues. I can drive with one arm on an automatic. Not that you should, necessarily, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Enough with Mr. Dawn or bffs driving this lady around, or even worse, taking days off to drive me around!!

2-      I’m toying with getting a MAC in addition to our current computer arsenal (one laptop, 3 PCs). I’d like to check them out.

3-      I would LOVE to move out of this school district. As it is, we’re dreading…erm….counting down the days til J has to go to high school here. It’s baaaaad. The elementary and middle schools are not so bad, but high school here is no bueno. I also like the idea of moving somewhere new as a family, like a clean, fresh start. Mr. Dawn has lived here forever, and it’d be neat to give the boys their own rooms. And have a dream master suite with a private bathroom. And a two-car garage. And my own office/studio area. A girl can dream. So a new house I guess would be the material thing here.

4-      A serger machine. I’d like to play with one of those and see where my crafty/sewing skills go with that. All the bells and whistles, please!

5-      A brand new kitchen and the stuff that goes in it! Technically that’s two things, but whatever! I love love love getting my chef on, and quality tools make life easier.

6-      College accounts for the boys. Well, we have accounts for the boys, but I mean filled up college accounts!! I hate how expensive and irrelevant a degree in this country has become. To actually become anything or be diverse in this dog-eat-dog world, smart people should actually get multiple degrees in different areas. But how to pay for that? You come out of school over your head in debt, and then you spend how many years paying that off? It’s a racket, I tell ya! And the textbook companies?? Oh, don’t even get me started.

7-       I wanna win the lottery. Seriously. That’s about as material as it gets, no? Wanna know what Primal Dawn would do? I’d become a professional student. I’d just learn and learn and learn. Art classes, foreign languages, philosophy, sociology, women’s studies, molecular biology, physics, chemistry sequences…..I could go on and on. Learning is the bomb diggety yo.


Well, I’m off this morning. All of the sudden life has become go-go-go. I got things to do, and people to see!!!


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