7 Deadly Sins, Day 4

We got all serious in the last few posts. Today is a little more fun. Sloth. Laziness. Let’s do it!

Day 4 – Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.

1-      Clip the boys’ nails. I let them get too long. I only do it once they start stabbing me! I joke with J that they are talons, and I even make a lame eagle sound.

2-      I don’t turn off the television at night. Mr. Dawn is in charge of putting the sleep timer on, because I’ll just leave it on all night, and he hates that.

3-      Get my car inspected annually on time. I always manage to “forget” for a few months.

4-      Roll up my handwraps faithfully after boxing. They just get all wrinkled and tangled in the bottom of my bag. Or, even worse, I don’t wash them enough. Ew. I know.

5-      Most days, I don’t clean the kitchen after dinner. I am much more efficient in the morning. I’m wiped out at night. So….I usually just do the bare minimum (put leftovers away, soak pots or pans), and finish up in the morning. Who cares? Not me.

6-      Blood work. I have hypothyroidism and thyroid nodules that need monitoring. I get blood work done every 3 months at a minimum. Most of the tests are fasting, and I’m on autopilot in the mornings, and usually don’t remember that I was supposed to go until I am slurping down my coffee. By then it’s too late. Again. Repeat tomorrow.

7-      I neglect to keep my work area neat. It looks like a bomb hit it most days. But it’s organized chaos. Some people (I won’t name names…but I’m looking sternly at Mr. Dawn) have been reprimanded for moving the simplest of things in my area. It freaks me out and discombobulates me. I knew exactly where that pen and that receipt were in that pile!!

Okay, you’re up again. Sloth, my lovelies. Let me hear it. I can’t be the only one with a messy desk and a filthy kitchen and kids with long nails!!!

I am so sore today from yesterday’s boxing. Ouch. I became very close personal friends with ibuprofen today, and I’m eyeballing the heating pad. But it’s a good hurt. Tomorrow I’m on to Week 3 of the C25K. Good times!!!

I was speaking about goals and how I’d like to address them once I get my sins confessed. Well, I went on without you! I haven’t had any diet soda today. I’m giving it up. It’s not doing me any good. And I try to make sure that most of the things I put in my bod are good and nourishing for it. I want to have a long and healthy life. Yes, I want long AND healthy. Long and unhealthy? No thanks. Heck, even if my life is short (eek!), I want it to be healthy.

Swimming lessons. I told you all about that, right? I’m not sure. Anyway, I signed the boys up for swim lessons. Last night was the first time. We. Loved. It. LOVED IT. The little one and I bonded and it was really really great for his sensory issues. Ah. Sensory issues. Yes. The “issue” we’re dealing with. His OT has developed a sensory diet for him. He is having what seems to be sensory integration problems. He’s hyperactive, short attention span, accident prone, etc.  He’s also got gravitational sensitivity. If you jostle him around to much or change his position (like if you flip him upside down or lightly toss him up in the air), he gets very upset. So this “diet” is to try and change some of the neural pathways and chemicals in his brain (from what I get so far). Things like brushing protocol (we’ll do that here at home as well as at school), and weighted “lap buddies” to settle him during circle time, and other things.  It’s not autism from what I’m reading and asking about. I may still ask for an evaluation from the pediatrician, but really, he’s very social and engaging, and that doesn’t seem so with autistic children. His OT even dubbed him, “The Mayor.”  He’s a very good-natured boy, so no aggressiveness or anything. He’s like a little ray of sunshine. Always happy. Honestly though, I’m just glad he’s here! Never a day goes by when I don’t think of how easily it could have gone the other way and we would not have The Little One here. So I’ll take it. Sensory issues and all. No problem. Glad to help! He’s taught me so much about living in the moment and not taking things for granted just by his existence. The least I can do is help him out with his issues. It’s not a burden, it’s a learning experience for us both. That’s how I choose to see it.


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