7 Deadly Sins, Day 3

On to Day 3! This is a good one. Things that piss you off. Anger. Specifically the sin is “Wrath”.

Day 3 – Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.

1-Hate. Why it’s still a part of society today is beyond me. I can’t get over the fact that people are still targeted and bullied and beaten for being gay, but it could be anything that makes you different.  Really? I thought we’d moved on as a society. I tell my kids that if everyone in the world were the same (just like you), the world would be very boring. That’s a very simple way of looking at it, but it works.

2- Anyone touching my food. You know when someone just casually comes on over and helps themselves to a fry or two? You will lose part of your hand pulling that shit with me. I’m selfish that way, and kind of like a dog. Grrrrr…..grrrrrr. My kids even know not to touch my food before they ask, and even then 85% of the time the answer is no. It’s totally primitive, but that’s the way it is.

3- Parent judgeyness. Or holier-than-thouitude. We all do things in different ways, we are all going to irrevocably screw our kids up in some way, so give it a rest!!! And we all have those days where nothing goes right. Your youngest leaves on the bus with breakfast still on his face (whoops!). Not that I’d know anything about that…..okay, it was totally me. He had maple syrup all over his face and I didn’t realize til he was climbing the stairs of the bus. And yeah, just because your kid knows all his math tables and can speak three languages and volunteers with the homeless and eats an organic-vegan-gluten-free-lactose-free-raw-humane-sugar-free diet, does not make me a bad parent or you a better parent. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

4-The inability to merge properly. You see me coming. Adjust your speed. SPEED UP, for the love of all that is holy!!! That’s why it’s called merging, and not called “almost causing a 20 car pile-up on the expressway.” Just get in where you fit in. Hit the gas, people!!! This is bad one. I’m not normally all road-ragey (my sister is, though, and it’s amusing), but this will make me pop a vessel.

5- Oh, and while we are in the car here, let me give you the next thing I hate: talking/texting while driving. This is just massively idiotic. Buy a hands-free ear piece, hook up to your car’s stereo or whatever the kids are doing these days, but get off the phone!!! You are worse than a drunk driver when using your phone and driving. I personally cannot claim to be perfect. I will answer while at a stop light if it is my honey or the kids’ school or something. BUT…I let them know I’m in the car and that cuts it short. But when I have to talk, which is really hardly ever, I pull over. Too many people are dying.

6- Big government. Yep. I went there. This is a huge category. Basically, I’m sick to death of the 2-party system and all the lobbying and back-door dealings…I could go on and on. If we have to label ourselves, I would say my politics lean republican in some ways, however I am totally liberal when it comes to taking care of the poor or low-to-middle class. There’s all this money being funneled through various channels, yet we have all these homeless and single-mothers who can’t feed their kids, and crappy government insurance. I’m on Medicaid, and it’s been great for me, but some things are seriously lacking, like dental care. I hate big agriculture. This country has made it more economical to feed your family McDonald’s or soda and chips than to give them wholesome, organic produce!!! That is just WRONG. And it’s not even about the poorest of the poor. The middle class is disappearing. The wealthy hold most of the money in this country. Okay, I’ll stop now…..(and I didn’t even address immigration).

7-Child abuse. This one should probably have been number 1. I originally had been thinking of going into some sort of social services or something to help these kids, but then I saw how that system really is tough and depressing. I think in some way, by being a teacher, I have a chance to reach out or affect kids lives in a positive way. I see these disgusting cases of sexual and physical/emotional abuse, and honestly I cry. I can’t watch those news stories or the 20/20 stuff or whatever. It really bothers me. The case of Nixmary Brown here in NY tore a hole in my heart. I can’t even keep typing about it…..:(

Sneak peek for tomorrow: sloth! Hmmmm…..could be interesting.

Also, at some point I need to address a situation with my youngest and what we’re doing/going through with that.

I boxed for the first time in ages today. I feel so powerful and strong. I wish you all had something that made you feel like I feel after boxing.

I’d like to also address goals here soon. I’m thinking of a few goals/challenges I’d like to do for myself. Stay tuned. One definitely involves giving up my beloved diet soda. Specifically birch beer. Om nom nom nom…so good:) I picked that nasty habit up when I quit drinking and I think it’s time to move on.

So, yeah, a bit rambling here at the end today. My thoughts seem to be scattered a little. We’ll get through these sins and then on to more fitness/lifestyle/diet oriented posts. I promise.

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