Grokkin’ Along

Whew!!! Where the heck have I been? Oh yeah, 10 credits of higher learnin’ and 2 crazy boys and a man. That’s where I’ve been.

Primal living is awesome! I must re-iterate (again! I know) how much better I feel with this way of eating. I’m hardly ever starving and when I’m hungry, I eat and my food satisfies. I feel, not stuffed, but satiated. I’m quite positive this is due to the higher levels of fat I’m eating. Good fats, of course. Olive oil, butter, coconut oil, and meaty fatty goodness. And I love the whole “intermittent fasting” concept. I mean, it makes so much sense to my brain. Grok didn’t eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks. He ate….well….intermittently. Thus, intermittent fasting. I find I’m just not hungry after slurping down my coffee (half and half, no sweetener). So I don’t eat. Easy-peasy. I eat when I’m hungry, I don’t when I’m not. What a freaking radical concept!

Exercise continues to be a difficulty. I want to do mostly strength, but with my left shoulder not in tip-top shape yet, I can’t really just train the lower bod and my right arm. Yeah, I’d look like some sort of mutant, with a puny arm on the left and a big ole “gun” on the right. Okay, okay, I know, I never have had nor probably will I ever have a “gun” or even “guns”. So what’s a girl to do? She recommits to running. The C25K, baby!!!! Oh yeah. It was kind of (but not really) a funny story. I wanted to start yesterday. Well, I wake up, throw on my workout clothes and sneaks, and I plug in my iPod to charge a bit. Then I remember. About a week ago, I tried to get all clever with my laptop, and since drive A was almost full, I thought I’d just move some stuff over to the C drive. Yeah. That totally didn’t work. I moved iTunes, and then it wasn’t working, so I moved it back. And guess what? All my tunes WIPED OUT. The purchased stuff was there, but the cds that I loaded up: GONE. And mama neeeeeeds her tunes when running. So I proceeded to spend the entire morning loading cds. Then I had place to be, people to see, and well….you see where this is going. If I don’t get that workout in right away first thing, I’m a goner. I just lose the motivation, and excuses just keep popping up all day long. But the shenanigans don’t end there. Oh no. I hopped on today after my biology class (a feat in and of itself, people). The first 7 minutes are awesome. Tunes blasting, motivation flowing, legs working. Then it happens. The belt starts slipping. I think, “Okay, this isn’t too bad. I’ll have to fix that later.” Then it gets worse. And worse. And worse. And I’m alone in the house, and I’m thinking, “If I slip and fall and hit my head and lose consciousness, nobody’s here to help!!!” So I made it to 10 minutes before the treadmill won. Evil Treadmill-2, PD-0. Suck. I did, however, find the manual and know exactly how to fix it tomorrow. Mr. Dawn even offered to help:)

Biology is awesome. Really. I’m so into it. I’m turning into a big nerd. And you know what? I like it. I also know that I’m turning into a nerd because I got a 97 on my first bio exam!!!! Awwwww yeah! Darwin got nuthin’ on me. Did you know that they recently discovered over 200 new species in Papua New Guinea? You do now. New species. As in never been seen before. That’s the stuff that gets me going. It’s sick.

Feel free to mock me. No really. I don’t mind:)



One thought on “Grokkin’ Along

  1. That’s amazing about your love for Biology. I still get a bit queasy in my stomach thinking about the bio, chem, physics classes I had to take in school. Blah blah blah. But so happy for you. And feel free to share as much as possible. I now KNOW something about Papua.

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