I Forgot About The Carbs

Had my bff over for a little girl-time. We got a chick-flick and I made a yummy chicken taco salad. Basically, spiced up chicken boobies over some greens/lettuce, with cheese, avocado, and salsa. No shell or anything. Well, my friend comes over and we make the salad. She asks if there’s any bread or anything. I completely forgot about any carbs/bread/tortillas. Whoops. Not everyone eats like me. So I dug around and found some whole wheat tortilla-wrap things. Mr. Dawn likes to make breakfast burritos sometimes. She’s the fittest woman I know, and she told me that she needs the carbs, otherwise she’d waste away to nothing. She is very tiny and works out a LOT (too much, IMO, but that’s neither here nor there). Good for her, I say! Then she made me feel good later by saying I looked like I lost weight. Which I have. Another 1 1/2 pounds. Slow and steady, people. I’ll take it. The movie, however, was stinky. She liked it, but it just wasn’t my thing.

Today is gonna be a crazy day. I have a geography paper due, some precal homework that is due tomorrow, prep for a precal test Friday, and J has soccer practice tonight. So, what’s for dinner? I turned to the other woman. The other woman in my house who pinch hits for me when I have to juggle too much stuff. The crock pot:) Yep, I slapped some frozen chicken boobs in there with some stuff, and later tonight, I will apparently have some sort of chicken stroganoff thing. I found the recipe on AllRecipes. It seems fairly primal, and I can always throw it over some noodles or rice for the family. However, if you remember a few posts ago, I’m kinda giving up on serving the “filler”.

Did anyone see the Glee premiere last night? *swoon* I ❤ that show. Except Rachel’s song at the end. Lame. I am really not liking her. She’s like a nerdy “mean girl”. Not cool. Best quote from last night? Puck says, “Hey you’ve got a big mouth, how many tennis balls can you fit in your mouth?” New Guy replies,  “I’ve never had balls in my mouth….have you???”

And with that, I bid you adieu.

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