Some Nom Nom Nommers

I made a yummy dinner last night, and I thought I’d share. And in true PD fashion, there are no exact amounts to anything. I’m an “intuitive” cook, ha. I will give you a tip on using nut flours as breading/crumbs for frying. You HAVE TO spice it up extra well. I find myself using double what I would normally use for regular bread crumbs. That being said, here it is, Dawn’s Yummy Eggplant/Chicken Parmigiana Combo!!!

some chicken boobs

eggplant slices

tomato sauce (homemade, or at least no sugar)

mozzarella (whole milk), grated

parmesan, grated

mixture of half coconut, half almond flour (I have a giant bag of both…thank you! You could get away with just one type)

spices (I used garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, and pepper)


some sort of dairy, I used 1/2 and 1/2, you could use cream or milk

-Spice up your flours in a bowl. Extra spice, remember?

-Mix the eggs and milky type item in another bowl.

-pound your chicken nice and thin

-heat up some oil in a pan

-dunk chicken in eggs, then flour, then fry fry fry

-I had to clean out my pan between the chicken and the eggplant, my nut flour residues were all burnt by this point! Pour the hot icky oil into an old can or something, don’t put it down the drain, please!

-dunk eggplant slices in eggs, then flour, then fry fry fry

-put a little sauce on the bottom of a nice deep baking dish

-layer however you want, I did eggplant, parmesan, mozzarella, sauce, chicken, parm, mozz, sauce, eggplant, parm, sauce, MOZZARELLA! (try saying that 3 times fast..)

-bake at 350 til the top is nice and bubbly and just starting to brown up a little

-This is the hardest part: Let it sit for a bit!!! It’s hot!!!

So good:)

The little one should get his staples out today. Poor kid. He bumped it on the floor while playing around yesterday. It was sad. You could tell it hurt. He cried a little. But as of today, nobody’s been to the ER in 3 days! That’s a record in these parts!

Mr. Dawn has been working on the house, walling up where the fireplace and chimney were taken out. As a result, he took today off. Now, I may sound mean, but I am not real happy about this. He’s been home working since Thursday! If you’ve ever been married or living with someone, you know you need space. Plus, it doesn’t help that he gets super tunnel-vision focused and is basically checked out for the WHOLE DAY. Like when the little guy had his accident, Mr. Dawn could barely be bothered to actually stop what he was doing to help me get J off the bus and other motherly type things. And when you go down to his “work area” to tell him something, you just get various mumbles or grunts. Thoroughly annoying. So basically, I’m going to try not to kill him today:) Oh, and you should also know that if your partner does any sort of home improvement thing, you have to have to have to be sure you ooh and ahh over it when it’s over. Even if it just looks the same as it did. I guess that’s the point. Mr. Dawn keeps asking me if I’ve been outside to see what the side of the house looks like. Um, no, I haven’t. Why? Because unless he did something horribly wrong, it looks like the side of my house. He looked hurt a little. But make no mistake, I’m saving my swoons for when it’s all over. Then I will stroke his ego a bit. No sense in drawing it out. I’ve never been much of a swooner anyway. I mean, do I ask him to pat me on the back and be amazed when I do laundry? Or change a poopy diaper? Noooo. We just do it. It’s appreciated and we show it in our actions, not our lame exclamations of amazement at things like studs and insulation skills. Like, I’ll make his favorite dinner (hamburgers) when he’s done. Or let him watch football on the big (well, biggest, they’re all big here)  tv in the living room. Of course, he did come up yesterday having drilled into his finger. That was kinda gross and I felt bad for him:( He’s okay though.

Can you tell I’m not much of a touchy feely type? Unless it’s my kids. I’m all over that. I bet I’m fun to live with, ha.

I’m sooo ready to start exercising. My shoulder is still not quite right, though. I’m icing it a few times a day. If worse comes to worse, I’m gonna have to hit the dreaded treadmill a few times a week, just to get moving. On the other hand, I’ve managed to lose the 2 pounds of presumed water weight I gained from being incapacitated. And an extra 2 pounds!

I also want to start using my CRON-o-meter to figure out an average for calorie intake. I’m eating much more fat, I know that, but I’m only eating once or twice a day. I’m guessing it’s going to be a good range for me. I tried to start the other day, but the dang program didn’t even have my breakfast sausage in the database! I was too lazy to enter it all in there. So that was that.

Well, I’m off to wake up the little one and turn on some Sesame Street, feed him some breakfast, and send him off to school. Then I got stuff to do. Laundry, schoolwork (geography paper on outsourcing in India), making appointments, and meal planning! Have a loverly day, everyone! Take care of your sexy selves!


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