Naturally Primal?

I keep cooking different things for the family, yet everyone ends up just wanting what I have. I’m noticing now that my kids are gravitating to more primal meals also. Example: breakfast this morning? Watermelon and sausage. Yep. That’s what they asked for and they inhaled it. Last night I made chili. I made two batches, one primal, one not. I used half ground turkey, half ground beef. It was soooo good. But the batch with beans (theirs) was snubbed in favor of my meat-only version. So my house is going “against the grain”, ha. Part of me is like, “Ouch, that’s gonna mean using more meat and less ‘filler’, that’s gonna cost more.” But if that’s how they want to eat and it’s healthier for them, who am I to say no? Why should I be the only one in the house to reap the benefits of primal living?

On an entirely different note, my little one and I spent a few hours in the ER yesterday. He came out sporting new hardware in the form of two staples in his skull:) Yeah, I got the call from school that he’d fallen and cracked his head on a bookcase and it looked like it needed stitches, so could I please come get him? So, trying not to flip out, I got there as fast as I could, and when I got there it was like nothing had happened. He was playing and smiling and stuff, no tears. There was some blood on the back of his head but I was relieved that he was okay for the most part. They said he cried when it first happened, but by the time they got to the nurse’s office, he had stopped. So we went to the hospital, and he was officially the mayor of the ER that day. He was walking all over and talking to everyone, sitting next to them and chatting away. They were loving him. The doctor didn’t even numb him or anything. He said it would take 2 or 3 shots just to numb it, and a few seconds to staple it. So we just iced it up for about 5 minutes, I held his head nice and tight, and the doctor went staple-staple and it was done. He cried some, but really nothing much compared to what you might expect.  So we headed home, and weren’t even home 2 hours, when I hear a loud bang and his cry. Well I go over to him, and he’s bleeding from his nose! I still have no idea what happened. He had a car in his hand, but was near the edge of a rug and the soft leather couch (no hard corners or anything). Who knows. I was really done with all things blood by that point.

I realized I’m a pretty cool customer when it comes to my kids and injuries. I’m not overly freaked out. I was thinking that at the ER, had I been a blubbering mess, the doctor probably would have A)used the shots with anesthetic, and B)not had me hold his head while sitting on my lap for the stapling part. I’m kinda proud of that. I don’t lose it at the sight of blood, and I think that me remaining calm helps my kids. I got the little one to calm himself by showing him how to take deep breaths after the stapling when he was kinda traumatized. His eyes were totally focused, and he followed along with me. I think it’s great that they don’t lose it either. When the nurse at his school was explaining what happened to me, she was spelling words like “blood” and stuff. I thought that was kinda weird. But I guess there’s kids out there that flip out when they hear that. J is worse at keeping calm than the little one, but they’re both still pretty good.

How about you? Are you someone who faints at the mere thought of blood, or are you a calm, collected, practical person in times of crisis? I guess it’s got something to do with fight-or-flight maybe.  That rush of danger-induced adrenaline. That is about as primal as it gets, no??


One thought on “Naturally Primal?

  1. There’s no denying it – you rock as a mama. The word S – T – A – P – L – E freaks me out more then B – L – O – O – D – ! 😉

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