Is This Thing On???

Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here.

Dang. These past weeks have been hell. Hell, I tell you!!!! The final verdict: tendinitis. Yowza. I was a complete invalid for about a week and a half. My left arm is just now at about 65%-70% operating capacity. I had to be driven to class by Saint Mr. Dawn, who also changed all poopy diapers and put the boys to bed every night, as mama was in a painkiller-induced haze with a bag of ice on her shoulder on the couch. And special thanks go out to my boy J, who fetched me everything from paper towels to books, to snacks:) All without complaint. The nice part about being incapacitated? Slowing-the-hell-down. I spent a lot of time curled up with my evil spawn on the couch streaming weird Netflix movies from the 80s that J picked out. Mac and Me, anyone? Have you seen this movie???

As for the primal aspect of all this. Well, see, Mr. Dawn isn’t much in the kitchen. Sure he made a couple of feeble attempts, but we had take-out more than a few times. So ya see, I really went un-primal for a while there. But I make no excuses. It just worked out that way, and we’ll be moving forward from this point out. Actually, today was day one of re-primalization. I’ve been doing some quite unscientifical research, and I’m seeing lots of things about how grains can produce an inflammatory response in the tissues. Hmmmm…..this can only mean one thing: going primal can only help my joints and tendons and muscles and all tissuey bits!!! Now I have an actual excuse for well-meaning friends and family as to why I can’t eat that pasta/rice/pastry. I have an actual medical reason. Ha. Suck it. In a good way, of course:)

Classes are going well. I’m love love loving biology! I get to get my nerd on around lots of other nerdy types. Although, I was really disgusted by the kid who came to class with chewing tobacco in his lip and kept spitting into a plastic water bottle. GROSS. Seriously. Slap a nicotine patch on, dude, cuz we don’t need to see that! I thought my lab partner was going to barf. She kept making all these faces. She’s a bit younger than me, and I had to tell her to focus. She was losing it! She is an awesome partner though. Really into it, which is great. Precalculus 1 is actually coming along too. Surprisingly. Although I think you need a degree in math just to work the damn graphing calculator. Oy. I had such a hard time with the thing. And even now, I sorta get it, but my answers only come up right like 75% of the time. Stupid calculator.

So um…yeah. That’s where we’re at right now. I’m currently contemplating what sort of exercise I’d enjoy that won’t make my shoulder all wonky. Right now, I’m being accused by certain male-types of being “crazy” cuz I refuse to entertain the idea that I may have to give up boxing. Not gonna happen. I will learn to modify things if I have to, but I just love punching stuff as hard as I can way too much. I honestly cannot think of another sport or fitness plan that I’d really be into that wouldn’t hurt the shoulder. If any of you loyal readers have any suggestions, I’ll take ’em. Martial arts are out, the classes are usually at night and they are also expensive. But if you know anything about me (and since I’m such a blabbermouth–you do), I’d want something aggressive and stress-relieving.

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle…..


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