I started my classes yesterday! It was my Bio 2 lecture and lab after. I saw 5 guys from my Bio 1 class last year. That was nice to see some familiar faces. I loved it. The lecture time was mostly syllabus stuff and policy and yada yada yada. We did get to do some actual biology at the end though. Evolution and stuff. I was really enjoying it. Then laboratory afterwards. We partnered up. I wasn’t very pleased with the partner I got. He’s a guy from my last class, but he’s very awkward and young and well….honestly, I think I’m smarter than him. But I’m sure we’ll be fine. I just hope I don’t end up having to do all the work.  We played with graphs, took body measurements, and measured white oak leaves. A LOT of oak leaves. Each group did 40! But this is science. Not really glamorous and quite boring at times. I discovered something funny about myself. We had 16 students in the class, and we made a chart of all the measurements we took. I was the second tallest female at 5 foot 8 1/2 inches, but I had the smallest handspan of the entire class! Seriously freakishly small hands over here.

I had McDonald’s the other day. I know, I know….but like I tell my kids, “It’s a sometimes food.” I took the boys out to an indoor playground, then Target for some toys and supplies, and then we hit the fast food as a treat on the way home. I don’t regret it one bit, either. It was an awesome day. But I did find an extra half a pound on the scale as a reward for my dalliance with the Dark Side:) Not to worry. I have an awesome little steak resting right now for lunch. I’m going to slather it with blue cheese butter and devour it as soon as I’m done here!

Boxing starts next Wednesday! Can’t wait. I’m eager to move this bod. It’s been so long, what with my bum shoulder and all.

So, that’s our little slice of the world over here. How’s your schedule looking? Kids start school yet? You? Have you danced with the Dark Side too???


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