I Forgot About The Carbs

Had my bff over for a little girl-time. We got a chick-flick and I made a yummy chicken taco salad. Basically, spiced up chicken boobies over some greens/lettuce, with cheese, avocado, and salsa. No shell or anything. Well, my friend comes over and we make the salad. She asks if there’s any bread or anything. I completely forgot about any carbs/bread/tortillas. Whoops. Not everyone eats like me. So I dug around and found some whole wheat tortilla-wrap things. Mr. Dawn likes to make breakfast burritos sometimes. She’s the fittest woman I know, and she told me that she needs the carbs, otherwise she’d waste away to nothing. She is very tiny and works out a LOT (too much, IMO, but that’s neither here nor there). Good for her, I say! Then she made me feel good later by saying I looked like I lost weight. Which I have. Another 1 1/2 pounds. Slow and steady, people. I’ll take it. The movie, however, was stinky. She liked it, but it just wasn’t my thing.

Today is gonna be a crazy day. I have a geography paper due, some precal homework that is due tomorrow, prep for a precal test Friday, and J has soccer practice tonight. So, what’s for dinner? I turned to the other woman. The other woman in my house who pinch hits for me when I have to juggle too much stuff. The crock pot:) Yep, I slapped some frozen chicken boobs in there with some stuff, and later tonight, I will apparently have some sort of chicken stroganoff thing. I found the recipe on AllRecipes. It seems fairly primal, and I can always throw it over some noodles or rice for the family. However, if you remember a few posts ago, I’m kinda giving up on serving the “filler”.

Did anyone see the Glee premiere last night? *swoon* I ❤ that show. Except Rachel’s song at the end. Lame. I am really not liking her. She’s like a nerdy “mean girl”. Not cool. Best quote from last night? Puck says, “Hey you’ve got a big mouth, how many tennis balls can you fit in your mouth?” New Guy replies,  “I’ve never had balls in my mouth….have you???”

And with that, I bid you adieu.


Some Nom Nom Nommers

I made a yummy dinner last night, and I thought I’d share. And in true PD fashion, there are no exact amounts to anything. I’m an “intuitive” cook, ha. I will give you a tip on using nut flours as breading/crumbs for frying. You HAVE TO spice it up extra well. I find myself using double what I would normally use for regular bread crumbs. That being said, here it is, Dawn’s Yummy Eggplant/Chicken Parmigiana Combo!!!

some chicken boobs

eggplant slices

tomato sauce (homemade, or at least no sugar)

mozzarella (whole milk), grated

parmesan, grated

mixture of half coconut, half almond flour (I have a giant bag of both…thank you NutsOnline.com! You could get away with just one type)

spices (I used garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, salt, and pepper)


some sort of dairy, I used 1/2 and 1/2, you could use cream or milk

-Spice up your flours in a bowl. Extra spice, remember?

-Mix the eggs and milky type item in another bowl.

-pound your chicken nice and thin

-heat up some oil in a pan

-dunk chicken in eggs, then flour, then fry fry fry

-I had to clean out my pan between the chicken and the eggplant, my nut flour residues were all burnt by this point! Pour the hot icky oil into an old can or something, don’t put it down the drain, please!

-dunk eggplant slices in eggs, then flour, then fry fry fry

-put a little sauce on the bottom of a nice deep baking dish

-layer however you want, I did eggplant, parmesan, mozzarella, sauce, chicken, parm, mozz, sauce, eggplant, parm, sauce, MOZZARELLA! (try saying that 3 times fast..)

-bake at 350 til the top is nice and bubbly and just starting to brown up a little

-This is the hardest part: Let it sit for a bit!!! It’s hot!!!

So good:)

The little one should get his staples out today. Poor kid. He bumped it on the floor while playing around yesterday. It was sad. You could tell it hurt. He cried a little. But as of today, nobody’s been to the ER in 3 days! That’s a record in these parts!

Mr. Dawn has been working on the house, walling up where the fireplace and chimney were taken out. As a result, he took today off. Now, I may sound mean, but I am not real happy about this. He’s been home working since Thursday! If you’ve ever been married or living with someone, you know you need space. Plus, it doesn’t help that he gets super tunnel-vision focused and is basically checked out for the WHOLE DAY. Like when the little guy had his accident, Mr. Dawn could barely be bothered to actually stop what he was doing to help me get J off the bus and other motherly type things. And when you go down to his “work area” to tell him something, you just get various mumbles or grunts. Thoroughly annoying. So basically, I’m going to try not to kill him today:) Oh, and you should also know that if your partner does any sort of home improvement thing, you have to have to have to be sure you ooh and ahh over it when it’s over. Even if it just looks the same as it did. I guess that’s the point. Mr. Dawn keeps asking me if I’ve been outside to see what the side of the house looks like. Um, no, I haven’t. Why? Because unless he did something horribly wrong, it looks like the side of my house. He looked hurt a little. But make no mistake, I’m saving my swoons for when it’s all over. Then I will stroke his ego a bit. No sense in drawing it out. I’ve never been much of a swooner anyway. I mean, do I ask him to pat me on the back and be amazed when I do laundry? Or change a poopy diaper? Noooo. We just do it. It’s appreciated and we show it in our actions, not our lame exclamations of amazement at things like studs and insulation skills. Like, I’ll make his favorite dinner (hamburgers) when he’s done. Or let him watch football on the big (well, biggest, they’re all big here)  tv in the living room. Of course, he did come up yesterday having drilled into his finger. That was kinda gross and I felt bad for him:( He’s okay though.

Can you tell I’m not much of a touchy feely type? Unless it’s my kids. I’m all over that. I bet I’m fun to live with, ha.

I’m sooo ready to start exercising. My shoulder is still not quite right, though. I’m icing it a few times a day. If worse comes to worse, I’m gonna have to hit the dreaded treadmill a few times a week, just to get moving. On the other hand, I’ve managed to lose the 2 pounds of presumed water weight I gained from being incapacitated. And an extra 2 pounds!

I also want to start using my CRON-o-meter to figure out an average for calorie intake. I’m eating much more fat, I know that, but I’m only eating once or twice a day. I’m guessing it’s going to be a good range for me. I tried to start the other day, but the dang program didn’t even have my breakfast sausage in the database! I was too lazy to enter it all in there. So that was that.

Well, I’m off to wake up the little one and turn on some Sesame Street, feed him some breakfast, and send him off to school. Then I got stuff to do. Laundry, schoolwork (geography paper on outsourcing in India), making appointments, and meal planning! Have a loverly day, everyone! Take care of your sexy selves!

Naturally Primal?

I keep cooking different things for the family, yet everyone ends up just wanting what I have. I’m noticing now that my kids are gravitating to more primal meals also. Example: breakfast this morning? Watermelon and sausage. Yep. That’s what they asked for and they inhaled it. Last night I made chili. I made two batches, one primal, one not. I used half ground turkey, half ground beef. It was soooo good. But the batch with beans (theirs) was snubbed in favor of my meat-only version. So my house is going “against the grain”, ha. Part of me is like, “Ouch, that’s gonna mean using more meat and less ‘filler’, that’s gonna cost more.” But if that’s how they want to eat and it’s healthier for them, who am I to say no? Why should I be the only one in the house to reap the benefits of primal living?

On an entirely different note, my little one and I spent a few hours in the ER yesterday. He came out sporting new hardware in the form of two staples in his skull:) Yeah, I got the call from school that he’d fallen and cracked his head on a bookcase and it looked like it needed stitches, so could I please come get him? So, trying not to flip out, I got there as fast as I could, and when I got there it was like nothing had happened. He was playing and smiling and stuff, no tears. There was some blood on the back of his head but I was relieved that he was okay for the most part. They said he cried when it first happened, but by the time they got to the nurse’s office, he had stopped. So we went to the hospital, and he was officially the mayor of the ER that day. He was walking all over and talking to everyone, sitting next to them and chatting away. They were loving him. The doctor didn’t even numb him or anything. He said it would take 2 or 3 shots just to numb it, and a few seconds to staple it. So we just iced it up for about 5 minutes, I held his head nice and tight, and the doctor went staple-staple and it was done. He cried some, but really nothing much compared to what you might expect.  So we headed home, and weren’t even home 2 hours, when I hear a loud bang and his cry. Well I go over to him, and he’s bleeding from his nose! I still have no idea what happened. He had a car in his hand, but was near the edge of a rug and the soft leather couch (no hard corners or anything). Who knows. I was really done with all things blood by that point.

I realized I’m a pretty cool customer when it comes to my kids and injuries. I’m not overly freaked out. I was thinking that at the ER, had I been a blubbering mess, the doctor probably would have A)used the shots with anesthetic, and B)not had me hold his head while sitting on my lap for the stapling part. I’m kinda proud of that. I don’t lose it at the sight of blood, and I think that me remaining calm helps my kids. I got the little one to calm himself by showing him how to take deep breaths after the stapling when he was kinda traumatized. His eyes were totally focused, and he followed along with me. I think it’s great that they don’t lose it either. When the nurse at his school was explaining what happened to me, she was spelling words like “blood” and stuff. I thought that was kinda weird. But I guess there’s kids out there that flip out when they hear that. J is worse at keeping calm than the little one, but they’re both still pretty good.

How about you? Are you someone who faints at the mere thought of blood, or are you a calm, collected, practical person in times of crisis? I guess it’s got something to do with fight-or-flight maybe.  That rush of danger-induced adrenaline. That is about as primal as it gets, no??

Is This Thing On???

Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here.

Dang. These past weeks have been hell. Hell, I tell you!!!! The final verdict: tendinitis. Yowza. I was a complete invalid for about a week and a half. My left arm is just now at about 65%-70% operating capacity. I had to be driven to class by Saint Mr. Dawn, who also changed all poopy diapers and put the boys to bed every night, as mama was in a painkiller-induced haze with a bag of ice on her shoulder on the couch. And special thanks go out to my boy J, who fetched me everything from paper towels to books, to snacks:) All without complaint. The nice part about being incapacitated? Slowing-the-hell-down. I spent a lot of time curled up with my evil spawn on the couch streaming weird Netflix movies from the 80s that J picked out. Mac and Me, anyone? Have you seen this movie???

As for the primal aspect of all this. Well, see, Mr. Dawn isn’t much in the kitchen. Sure he made a couple of feeble attempts, but we had take-out more than a few times. So ya see, I really went un-primal for a while there. But I make no excuses. It just worked out that way, and we’ll be moving forward from this point out. Actually, today was day one of re-primalization. I’ve been doing some quite unscientifical research, and I’m seeing lots of things about how grains can produce an inflammatory response in the tissues. Hmmmm…..this can only mean one thing: going primal can only help my joints and tendons and muscles and all tissuey bits!!! Now I have an actual excuse for well-meaning friends and family as to why I can’t eat that pasta/rice/pastry. I have an actual medical reason. Ha. Suck it. In a good way, of course:)

Classes are going well. I’m love love loving biology! I get to get my nerd on around lots of other nerdy types. Although, I was really disgusted by the kid who came to class with chewing tobacco in his lip and kept spitting into a plastic water bottle. GROSS. Seriously. Slap a nicotine patch on, dude, cuz we don’t need to see that! I thought my lab partner was going to barf. She kept making all these faces. She’s a bit younger than me, and I had to tell her to focus. She was losing it! She is an awesome partner though. Really into it, which is great. Precalculus 1 is actually coming along too. Surprisingly. Although I think you need a degree in math just to work the damn graphing calculator. Oy. I had such a hard time with the thing. And even now, I sorta get it, but my answers only come up right like 75% of the time. Stupid calculator.

So um…yeah. That’s where we’re at right now. I’m currently contemplating what sort of exercise I’d enjoy that won’t make my shoulder all wonky. Right now, I’m being accused by certain male-types of being “crazy” cuz I refuse to entertain the idea that I may have to give up boxing. Not gonna happen. I will learn to modify things if I have to, but I just love punching stuff as hard as I can way too much. I honestly cannot think of another sport or fitness plan that I’d really be into that wouldn’t hurt the shoulder. If any of you loyal readers have any suggestions, I’ll take ’em. Martial arts are out, the classes are usually at night and they are also expensive. But if you know anything about me (and since I’m such a blabbermouth–you do), I’d want something aggressive and stress-relieving.

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle…..


I’m here. I’m alive, but not thriving. My shoulder decided to fail me spectacularly. Emergency rooms, orthopedists, MRIs….and all of this through a fog of pain medication. I can’t properly care for my children, can’t really cook. Life is kinda crappo right now.

Just popping on to wave at the masses of screaming adoring PD fans:) I will elaborate more once I have full faculties, arm AND mind!


I started my classes yesterday! It was my Bio 2 lecture and lab after. I saw 5 guys from my Bio 1 class last year. That was nice to see some familiar faces. I loved it. The lecture time was mostly syllabus stuff and policy and yada yada yada. We did get to do some actual biology at the end though. Evolution and stuff. I was really enjoying it. Then laboratory afterwards. We partnered up. I wasn’t very pleased with the partner I got. He’s a guy from my last class, but he’s very awkward and young and well….honestly, I think I’m smarter than him. But I’m sure we’ll be fine. I just hope I don’t end up having to do all the work.  We played with graphs, took body measurements, and measured white oak leaves. A LOT of oak leaves. Each group did 40! But this is science. Not really glamorous and quite boring at times. I discovered something funny about myself. We had 16 students in the class, and we made a chart of all the measurements we took. I was the second tallest female at 5 foot 8 1/2 inches, but I had the smallest handspan of the entire class! Seriously freakishly small hands over here.

I had McDonald’s the other day. I know, I know….but like I tell my kids, “It’s a sometimes food.” I took the boys out to an indoor playground, then Target for some toys and supplies, and then we hit the fast food as a treat on the way home. I don’t regret it one bit, either. It was an awesome day. But I did find an extra half a pound on the scale as a reward for my dalliance with the Dark Side:) Not to worry. I have an awesome little steak resting right now for lunch. I’m going to slather it with blue cheese butter and devour it as soon as I’m done here!

Boxing starts next Wednesday! Can’t wait. I’m eager to move this bod. It’s been so long, what with my bum shoulder and all.

So, that’s our little slice of the world over here. How’s your schedule looking? Kids start school yet? You? Have you danced with the Dark Side too???