Fun Day

We’re all getting better here. It’s about damn time, I’m thinking. So, to celebrate, we’re off to geocache! I’ve written up 4 for us today. 3 in a local park, and one…not in the park. So, since we’re gonna be in a park and all, I have been instructed, well plied with hugs and kisses and sad puppy-faces, to let the kids play on the playground when we’re done. Have I mentioned that I’m such a bad mom, I rarely take the kids to playgrounds, even though J’s elementary school is less than a quarter mile  away? Why? Mama gets bored. Seriously, I can only sit on that sad wooden bench they give ya for about 10 minutes. I get like ADD or something. Sure, I walk around the playset for a while, oohing and aahing and cheering them on, but inside, I’d rather be reading a book or at least hooping in my yard. So they’ll have their little piece of heaven today. I’ve promised. Then we’ll feed the ducks. Cannot wait to see the little one with the ducks, they’ll be almost as big as him. I personally think he’s going to flip out, but we’ll see.

School is just around the corner, really really really now. Tuesday’s the big day! Eek! I’m so excited. Modern Biology 2. Sounds fancy. And hard. But, hey I actually loved Bio 1, so I’m looking forward to this one. I like gettin’ my nerd on! I like being able to answer J’s incessant questions. Usually in the car. It sounds like this:

J-Mom, what are farts made of?

J-Why do we have curly or straight hair?

J-What happens when you die? Does it hurt? (okay that one was just weird and I had no answer…)

J-How do ants know where their food is?

J-What are our nails made of?

J-How do our muscles work?

Yeah, good thing I’m gonna be a biology teacher. I gotta keep up with this kid!

Primal living is going well. Last night was whole grain spaghetti and meat sauce for them, and zucchini sauteed in coconut oil with meat sauce for me. My shoulder is feeling great, so exercise is coming up. I’m planning on beginning my boxing again next Wednesday. So excited!! I’m still losing anywhere from a 1/2-1 pound every week or so. Sooooo slow. But its’ all good. I just keep thinking, I gained it slowly, so it’s better to come off slower. Then I have a better chance of keeping it off. And I’m expecting to see a plateau once I start boxing for a bit. Gaining muscle and whatnot. I’m mentally preparing for that.

So what are you looking forward to? A race? Time with family? Both?


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